Hitman movie will have definite R rating

Hitman movie will have definite R rating

Timothy Olyphant will be playing Agent 47 in what we hope is a suitably violent Hitman film.

Yesterday news leaked out that the Hitman movie may get a PG-13 rating, which would equate to a 12A here in the UK. The news obviously bothered a lot of people and there were complaints that the violent Hitman franchise could never really be made suitable for a family audience.

The rumour originated after sources claimed that the director, Xavier Gens, had been removed from the project so that Fox Studios could re-edit the film into a more family friendly cut.

That rumour has now been confirmed as false.

Kotaku has apparently been in contact with Fox Studios, who have confirmed that the film will not be getting cut down and that the studio is ready to 'embrace an R rating'. An R rating would be equivalent to a 18 rating here in the UK.

The new editor discussed in the original rumours is in actual fact Nicholas De Toth, who has been bought on board as part of a team of editors and consultants to help keep the tone of the film in line with the series.

The studio has confirmed that Xavier Gens, a man with a record of making incredibly violent films, is still attached to the project and is taking an active role in the editing process.

For us though that news only goes so far and we're still a little dubious about the film, mainly because the actor playing Agent 47 looks far, far too young and babyfaced.

What do you think? Will the movie be any good or will it be a box office bomb? Let us know your opinions in the forums.


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will. 12th October 2007, 12:23 Quote
He looks too friendly...
chiper136 12th October 2007, 12:28 Quote
Originally Posted by will.
He looks too friendly...

Yea why isn't he garroting that girl.
Mankz 12th October 2007, 12:28 Quote
You can't have a Hitman movie without violence!

or Baldness...
steveo_mcg 12th October 2007, 12:33 Quote
and slightly conspicuous tatoos...
Dr. Strangelove 12th October 2007, 12:34 Quote
and dual baller's.....
mmorgue 12th October 2007, 12:51 Quote
Glad to hear the R rating.

It'd be like the Godfather Series getting re-edited (or at the time, filmed) such that it was watchable for kids as well. Same with Casino, Res Dogs, etc -- these films were never MEANT to be viewed by kids.

And neither is a movie about a "Hitman", for Christ's sake!
sunny_man 12th October 2007, 13:08 Quote
I never liked the game, but I may give the movie a chance. Still, It wouldn't have been Hitman if it was a 12A. This news makes me happy.
naokaji 12th October 2007, 13:56 Quote
good to hear they are not butchering that movie (or should i say assasinate?:D)...
i agree on the that guy looks too friendly part, but hey, maybe the movie will convince me that that guy wasnt the worst choice.
Redbeaver 12th October 2007, 14:36 Quote

as i posted in the other newspost's comment, im still giving the benefit of the doubt about agent 47's babyface (afterall, he is a master of disguise), but PG13 rating will definitely make me wanna wait for a DVD's director's cut or somethin...

now, maybe its worth it to actually watch it in the movie.........

.... maybe.
Paradigm Shifter 12th October 2007, 15:57 Quote
I have hope for this movie, but it will probably be in vain. ;)
Aankhen 12th October 2007, 16:02 Quote
Timothy Oliphaunt… :(
devdevil85 12th October 2007, 17:38 Quote
How can a game-based movie thrive when the character, the game was/is based on, doesn't look anything like people were (at the very least) expecting....I mean yes...he's bald....and yes he's caucasian........but he doesn't LOOK anything like 47.....he's got a baby face for Christ's sake!!
CowBlazed 12th October 2007, 18:52 Quote
Maybe he looks alot angrier when hes acting the part, face CGI maybe?
metarinka 12th October 2007, 20:23 Quote
yah jason statham woulda made a very good agent 47, his character in transporter was very 47 like. Who knows i hope this movie is good, but I have a feeling it won't be spectacular
DXR_13KE 12th October 2007, 21:25 Quote
i hope he makes an angry face when he acts...... or else agent 47 will look very wrong....
HourBeforeDawn 13th October 2007, 07:10 Quote
ya he was by far the worse actor chosen for this movie, HELL Vin Diesel would have made a better choice then this pasty face guy >_< but Im glad its going to be R
rhuitron 13th October 2007, 10:15 Quote
I really hope that the Daul Ballers are not the silver ones that I see made with CGI on the trailer. Those guns seem a LOT smaller but with some sorta long ass Choke.

And like everyone's saying. Yeah. Oliphaunt, certainly has a Baby face. The nose and the Baldness are the only things he has spot on.
Jason on the other hand would have made a thrashing good 47. except for the wee small cockney he's got going on.

But all in all. I am very glad to hear that the movie will have it's rating at a firm R. Other wise, it would have gone badly for fox. I know where the Sleep.
thermalnightmare47 15th October 2007, 08:01 Quote
I do agree that its great that they (the Studio) isn't killing this franchise for the sake of kids that shouldn't be watching in the first place. anyway what's funny about this whole this where i work one of the security guys look almost exactly like agent 47 hence his nickname as 47 lol
Bungle 15th February 2008, 16:41 Quote
Saw Hitman last weekend, was pretty impressed tbh. It's a damn fine effort for a game--->film conversion. Plenty of good action sequences. Was disappointed 47 didn't display any emotion whatsoever and I do mean none. The story basically revolves around 47 completing an assassination mission, then being hunted down himself. Cue our hero on a rollercoaster ride trying to discover what it's all about. Definitely worth a watch.
kempez 10th April 2008, 22:41 Quote
Just watched it on Blu Ray, fantastic film. Soz for the thread resurrect but this was the only one on the subject :)

I think 47 is very good in the film and although it's not technically very "Hitman" it is a good film in it's own right.
HourBeforeDawn 10th April 2008, 23:06 Quote
ya just watched it too in Blu-ray and Olga Kurylenko sooo made that move worth watching, so glad shes the next Bond Girl, simply hot hot hot.
Mister_Tad 10th April 2008, 23:08 Quote
Odd this thread has just been revived... Just popped it on now

EDIT: fun movie, can see where the R rating came from fo sho!
Amon 11th April 2008, 01:31 Quote
Curiously, I was about to reinstall Codename 47.

Re: the movie, maybe I'll watch it from rental.
kempez 11th April 2008, 10:37 Quote
It's worth a watch, deffo a "sit, watch and not think" film :)
Daniel114 11th April 2008, 10:53 Quote
I had fairly low hopes for it... although i'll go against grain here and say I really like Mr. Elephant as an actor, however having watched its really not that bad at all in my opinion, well worth a rent if your stuck for ideas and fancy some brain chewing gum
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