GC won't be leaving Leipzig anytime soon

GC won't be leaving Leipzig anytime soon

We journalists have a rule: What happens at Leipzig, stays at Leipzig.

There were rumours that Leipzig Games Convention may have been moving to Munich next year. You may have heard about it - we did try to tell you, after all.

Well, apparently those rumours, which were based on fears that the event was growing larger than the site could handle, are false.

According to, the event couldn't move anywhere else until 2009 even if the organisers wanted to move GC - which they don't. This is thanks to the fact that the Leipziger Messe owns the Games Convention brand and would have to give it's permission before any changes to the event could be made.

According to a spokesperson from Leipziger Messe, the rumour originally started when word got out that the contract for GC to continue using the convention center expires in 2008. Messe points out however that the contracts are negotiation and renegotiated constantly and that they now just need to extend the contract a little further.

So, it looks like Leipziger Messe is happy to keep stuffing patrons and journalists into Leipzig for a little bit longer - crushing the hopes of all those who had hoped the show would move to Munich and co-incide with Oktoberfest.

Leipzig thankfully proved a massive success this year; a relief for all who watched the down-sizing of E3 and the continuing string of companies pulling out of the E for All show later this year.

So, have you ever popped along to a games convention - or is somewhere like Omega Sektor more to your tastes? Let us know what you think by dropping us your comments in the forums.


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wafflesomd 3rd September 2007, 16:15 Quote
Posting for the well endowed female.
cjoyce1980 3rd September 2007, 16:35 Quote
Originally Posted by wafflesomd
Posting for the well endowed female.

MonkeyNutZ 3rd September 2007, 17:19 Quote
Hehhehe, I know where you got that picture
Spaceraver 3rd September 2007, 17:25 Quote
uuh, girls with lederhosen, großes bayrishes braü and a blonde german chick that even looks good. me likes.. *digs out the german map*
LeMaltor 3rd September 2007, 19:38 Quote
Christ that woman is hot!
proxess 3rd September 2007, 20:00 Quote
she makes heads role...
DXR_13KE 3rd September 2007, 20:30 Quote
Originally Posted by LeMaltor
Christ that woman is hot!

Jamie 4th September 2007, 10:28 Quote
She's becoming internet famous.

Now I've forgotten what this news story was about and my initial comment is long since forgotten.
Xir 4th September 2007, 13:59 Quote
The logo on her glass sais "Spaten" which is a munich based brewery, this together with her outfit (eyes off the clevage, onto the total picture) ;) makes me guess this picture is from oktoberfest, not GC.
Also, not from Leipzig but from Munich.

Why this should bring on the whish to move GC from Leipzig to Munich I can understand, but if you're just going for girls, you may look at saxonian babes at GC and then 2 months later go to oktoberfest fot the shown view.

(I know I will) :)

Seriously: GC is the 2nd or 3rd biggest yearly Leipzig event, they'd be pretty stupid to let it go. It's been developed in Leipzig, owned by the "Leipzig Messe", and noone else wanted to host it (initially). Seriously, why give it away?

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