Survey reveals positive side of casual games

Survey reveals positive side of casual games

Over 65 per cent of participants in the survey would welcome casual games into schools.

Is a man not entitled to the joy of his games? No, says the man in the UK, it makes you a yob. No, says the man in the US, it makes you a serial killer. No, says the man from the Austria, it makes you a killer robot from the future.

So, I chose something different - I chose to write this Bioshock-influenced news story about a recently completed survey into the educational value of casual games. It's not as impressive as an underwater city, but it'll do for now.

PopCap Games has just unveiled the results of the largest-ever worldwide survey into the casual games market, revealing that a whopping 70 per cent of 'family gamers' believe casual games provide educational benefits for their children and grandchildren.

"In stark contrast to traditional perceptions of computer gaming, parents/grandparents said casual games helped them bond with their children/grandchildren (92 per cent)" Said the company in a press release yesterday.

The survey revealed that a massive 68 per cent of participants thought that casual games gave improved dexterity and hand-eye coordination while a further 60 per cent cited a benefit to learning skills such as pattern recognition. Oddly though, less than half (44 per cent) of respondents found the game came relaxation benefits - then again, Bespelled is pretty stressful at high levels and there's only the one member of bit-tech staff who has completed it.

66 per cent of participants would welcome the use of casual games in schools - but would you? Do computer games have a place in education, or should we focus on drilling knowledge into children in a military fashion? Let us know what you think in the forums.


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quack 29th August 2007, 10:34 Quote
CardJoe 29th August 2007, 11:01 Quote

mikeuk2004 29th August 2007, 11:44 Quote
It looks like Joe has had to much Bioshock and needs to go into rehab before he has an overdose.
DXR_13KE 29th August 2007, 12:26 Quote
i don't agree with computers substituting classes... but i do agree that computers and computer games make you sharper, faster and more intelligent and makes your relax....... but like everything else if abused causes you health and psychological problems.
paul2345 29th August 2007, 13:38 Quote
although play computer game has some benifits,but it harms more
proxess 29th August 2007, 13:56 Quote
The only way i think it harms you is your eyesight and your interaction with society, but thats your problem for you abuse of video games (or computers for that matter). If you suicided or think of suiciding (like jumping of a building with your Belt of Flight) or commit homicide or think of homiciding in a way related to video games (like stabing your Empyrean Kitchen Knife of Invulnerability into your neighbor) then you're unstable in the head. I play violent video games and sometimes for an extensive amount of time but I'm still a sweet and caring person. <3 you bit-tech!

I wonder if this should be my last post? Its post 69... 69 Dude!!
mattthegamer463 29th August 2007, 15:46 Quote
This all is definitely true. Me and my dad would play 007: Nightfire on gamecube for hours, just running around killing mindless bots, having a blast. It definitely helped us Bond. James Bond.
CardJoe 29th August 2007, 15:55 Quote
Originally Posted by mattthegamer463
This all is definitely true. Me and my dad would play 007: Nightfire on gamecube for hours, just running around killing mindless bots, having a blast. It definitely helped us Bond. James Bond.

Quote of the year and, even though it's a **** game, the same was true of me and my dad on the PC. I still have a video somewhere of my Dad having his first experience of a proper action FPS game via Nightfire when I left my PC unattended. He ran around an empty room for twenty minutes, laughing and shooting out the windows until he saw me with the camera and ran, embaressed, from the room.

From there, I got him addicted to the Thief games, which were right up his alley and which he obssessively completed until he could speedrun each level with 100% loot and no detections or kills.

Happy days.
mikeuk2004 30th August 2007, 11:48 Quote
Sega Saturn Bomberman, was played and played and played everyweek in our home which included me my younger bro, dad and even my Mum!!!!

Who said the Wii was to get mums playing games. My mum used to be the one who said lets play bomberman way back. Great fun playing bomber man on sega saturn in those days. My unlces even came round to play with us and we woukd get to 7 players most times.

Good fun and was one of the few things our family had in common and wanted to do together.
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