Deus Ex 3 in the works, gamers spooge

Deus Ex 3 in the works, gamers spooge

Deus Ex 3 will be developed by Eidos France, based out of Montreal. Warren Spector isn't attached to the game.

Okay, okay, everybody just calm down and grab a tissue. I'll say it once more, just so everybody is clear.

Deus. Ex. 3.

Announced on the French TV channel, MusiquePlus, the boss of Eidos France, Patrick Melchior, announced that his Montreal based team is hard at work on the second sequel to what was quite possibly the finest PC game of all time. Melchior made the announcement in French, so we're not sure of the details just yet, but he has said he's very excited about what he calls the team's 'first mission'.

Deus Ex was released back in June, 2000 and, despite aged and ugly graphics, won it's place in the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide thanks to a long, developed plotline involving a global conspiracy and the ability to tackle levels in radically different ways depending on player strengths. At every moment players had to make important choices about how to upgrade their character or how to tackle situations. Stealth, action, manipulation and diplomacy each had their intertwining paths and, although most players achieved considerable body counts, it was possible to complete the game having killed only one enemy.

Deus Ex 2 was released soon after the original, this time without respected developer Warren Spector taking such a prominent role. It met with mixed reactions, many critics citing simplified design and smaller levels as indications that the game had been dumbed down for console gamers.

Although neither Warren Spector, who worked on other classics such as Thief and System Shock, nor Harvey Smith who also worked on both Deus Ex titles, are attached to the new game, Eidos France is hoping to restore the series to its former glory.

Fancy re-telling your favourite Deus Ex stories, or outlining what you'd like to see in a new Deus Ex title? Get to the forums and begin the melancholy!


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PA!N 18th May 2007, 10:01 Quote
It would be heaven if they could manage to make a game that could keep up with the first Deus Ex. Even now I still like to play it and allthough the graphics are out of date, the gamplay is still top!
Fod 18th May 2007, 10:15 Quote
let's not get our hopes too high, eh?
Zurechial 18th May 2007, 10:18 Quote
I'll probably play it when it comes out.. but honestly, I don't see this being any better than Invisible War.
Without Spector or Smith on the team it's bound to lose something... maybe not, but...
It just strikes me as yet another publisher flogging yet another dead horse.
Most Deus Ex fans will agree that they dragged the Deus Ex name through the mud with Invisible War, and its dumbed-down nature was an insult to the intelligence of the original game's design.

Honestly, I hope it'll be a good game worthy of the Deus Ex moniker, but I don't think it will be.

(Yes, I'm aware that this is speculation and that we have no details on the game, but you can't blame me for not getting my hopes up after the disappointment of Invisible War)
Paradigm Shifter 18th May 2007, 10:22 Quote
The only way this could possibly be worse than Invisible War would be if they didn't bother to code it well, made it multi-platform (dumbing the PC level down to match the consoles) and ripped the soul out of it just to make sure.

...oh... wait.

Ambivalence is the order of the day I think. I hope it'll be worthy to continue on Deus Ex (unlike Deus Ex: IW) but I'm not going to hold my breath.
CardJoe 18th May 2007, 10:43 Quote
Man i loved Deus Ex. I played through it again a month or two ago and found another thing I'd never spotted before; that you could kill the gravekeeper before the attack to get extra dialogue, and that there was a phone conversation you could have with Icarus earlier in the game than you would normally, in the french embassy.

I used to love tear gassing enemies and capping them with a stealth pistol that was fully pimped out. Hard enemies would require just one good tranq dart if you thought about it early enough in the game and got the crossbow ready. It was ace. I still go back to it now and then and impose restrictions on my game style to test it out - no augs, melee only, no sniper rifle etc. Great stuff.
Bauul 18th May 2007, 10:58 Quote
Deus Ex was a great game, and also a great example of a game that gives the impression of real player choice when there actually wasn't any. Whilst character creation and development was quite open ended, the actual path through the game was essentially linear: variations basically boiled down to dialoge chances and the presence, or lack of, boss fights. Granted there were three endings, but until the last area the level structure was totally linear.

The real impressive thing is: it didn't matter one iota. Playing it, you really got the feeling of open-endedness, a real sense of doing it 'your way', and not feeling like you were following any pre-defined path. Almost all the choices you made you made because you wanted to, even if there was in reality only one choice. Just goes to show you don't need Morrowing to run around on to have a sense of open endedness.

Fingers crossed the third one lives up to the standards of the first. I remember all the buzz about the second one, such technological features of real time sound processing that actually worked out if you were hearing a sound directly, or through a wall, or around an object, and adjusted levels, clarity and direction accordingly. Shame the game just didn't grab me all that much, played it a bit, got distracted by something else and never went back.
specofdust 18th May 2007, 11:01 Quote
With the state of Deus Ex 2, I don't hold out hope at all to be honest.
wafflesomd 18th May 2007, 12:06 Quote
Best title ever.

Includes the word "spooge"
kosch 18th May 2007, 12:50 Quote
how wierd I was just listening to the Kidney Theives who featured in alot of the music in Deus Ex 2 and started thinking I wonder if there are plans for a Deus Ex 3!

They must have a rss feed into my brain!
monkeybone 18th May 2007, 13:53 Quote
Here's a rough translation of what he said.
Eidos opened a studio in montreal
They expect it to be open in september with 30-40 staff
Their first project is the deus ex series which is to be confirmed by Eidos France
DXR_13KE 18th May 2007, 13:58 Quote
i feel good and bad at the same time, this can either be another epic game of another epic failure, i hope it is the first.
Flibblebot 18th May 2007, 14:14 Quote
Originally Posted by wafflesomd
Best title ever.

Includes the word "spooge"
Something tells me that "spooge" is the word du jour at BitHQ (see Tim's title...). Actually, I had no idea what the word meant until I looked it up...ewww

As for Deus Ex 3, I was sooo disappointed by the second game that I very much doubt that I'll be playing the third game - unless they do a complete about face and actually make a game that is a true and worthy successor to the original.
DXR_13KE 18th May 2007, 14:27 Quote
the only thing i liked about the second was the graphics...... and physics...... the rest was crap.

especially the unified ammo thing!!!!!!!! :(
CardJoe 18th May 2007, 15:09 Quote
Yeah, unified ammo sucked, though I liked the addition of 'unique' weapons, some of which were so well hidden it was ridiculous. The weapon mods aon the other hand were far to frequent to be rewarding, the opposite of the original.
Skutbag 18th May 2007, 15:38 Quote
In defence of Invisible War... (GASP)

1- The story was pretty good, at least for anyone with an affinity for weird ass sci-fi melodrama like me. Even if your character has got as much emotion as a plank; much like the first one. It reminded me of the 'story' in Alpha Centauri...

2- You can buy it for like £3 in cex or gamestation and have a good 10 hours fun out of it. If you liked no.1 then it's worth it just for the plot.

3- Playing it on the Xbox (probably where it's supposed to be) gives you some adequately cool graphics. But the load times suck.

4- It's a better FPS stealth game that Thief:deadly shadows; that is one shoddy game on the Xbox.

5- How could ANY game live up to the legacy of the original? No chance.

6- Yeah unified ammo was a pretty weird idea, but at least it forced you to think in a different way about blasting everything. What if you needed enough ammo to rocket some doors out of the way later? I dunno, it wasn't that bad an idea was it?

So whats no.3 going to be like? Oblivion? I heard one of the ditched ideas for the first one was that you would be able to build up a base of operations; that's got to go in. Though it might detract from the constant rush of new locations to go to all the time. More to the point, where's the story going to lead to?
CardJoe 18th May 2007, 16:04 Quote
It was that bad an idea, because it served no purpose. In a normal game the same effect can be done by making some ammos less present than others.

As for thief, I found it played fine. Granted I did it on the PC, but I quite liked it.
Tulatin 18th May 2007, 16:20 Quote
Oh great; another great franchise having nothing to do with it's roots. Pass the fallout 3 please :(
Forsaken 18th May 2007, 17:54 Quote
Loved the first one, as people have said, it feeled like it was open ended, well, with out being, i used to sneek around a lot with an highly upgraded stealth pistol, and use that for most of my killings, but later on in the game, ammo was not as common for it, so i had to find other means killing, its why i did not get along with the second one, as the ammo system was a total arse, guess we will have to wait and see how this turns out, im off to look for my copy now and give it another go :)
ou7blaze 18th May 2007, 20:50 Quote
Deus Ex 1 was original and amazing in every way, even the graphics weren't THAT bad, were they (but that could be the fact that I'm not really a graphics person, I prefer good gameplay).

Haven't tried Deus Ex 2 but shall have to see, who knows maybe i'll be pleasantly suprised.
specofdust 18th May 2007, 21:02 Quote
Haven't tried Deus Ex 2

If you loved DX1, don't even bother. Playing that game is just a big dissapointment. You get to see something you love(the Deus Ex world) totaly crapped on.
Aankhen 18th May 2007, 23:24 Quote
Originally Posted by wafflesomd
Includes the word "spooge"
Just goes to show… after looking up the meaning, I was rather disappointed by the inclusion of that word.
TomH 19th May 2007, 01:32 Quote
I still regard Deus Ex as the best game I've ever played. And we're going back as far as Secret Agent, Crystal Caves and Battle Chess here.

I had massive hopes for the sequel, and to be fair, the MAIN thing to really get my goat was the damn consol-orientated gameplay. I hated it.

The story is ace, it's great to see how things progressed from the original. The problem was it just constantly bugged me - there wasn't enough drive to continue playing the game, it wasn't addictive enough. The storyline, whilst cool, just didn't drag you in - and the other nuances kept you from even wanting to load the game up.

I still play through the original when I can, making it harder for myself at every opportunity. I still find new routes and methods to certain situations (like I never realised you could swim under the PRS Wall Cloud, and simply climb up the other side until the last time I played it!)

IF they do a good job of the third game, I shall be over-joyed. But following Invisible War? Fat chance. They'd do better to create an entirely new IP, and not screw it up this time. Drop the dead donkey, as it were.
Tulatin 19th May 2007, 04:18 Quote
To be honest, i really think it was just the "common ammo" that ruined the second one for me. Rather than have players use the right weapon for the scenario, and conserve the ammo they had for the big, bad guns, the devs made it so that weapons like the shotgun or rocket launcher became useless, since they ate up so much friggin ammo, that even the stock pistol was useless!
CardJoe 19th May 2007, 09:32 Quote
Common ammo and small levels ruined the second. I hated having to load again every five rooms. More sidequests would have helped too, though one thing I really liked were the two competing helicopter pilots who could give you advtanges on a level based on your starting point.

I too always find new routes in Deus Ex 1, getting extra dialogue and so on. Knocking out all the soldiers before you send the message to france got me an extra line or two this time. The navy yard level is a classic example too, I didn't realise there was a path through the air vents until last time I played, and loved being able to take my time to clear out every single route, mixing up different approaches: get a friend to let you in, hack the robots to turn on the people, take the route through the air vents to stealth past the guard, go under the boat and come up on the easier side after clearing the deck with a sniper rifle and scoped crossbow, then blitz your way through the lower decks with assault rifle and LAMs, then charge out. Beautiful
DXR_13KE 19th May 2007, 12:26 Quote
owwww the memories.........

spooge..... ewwwwwww
Phil Rhodes 20th May 2007, 16:17 Quote
But it'll be godawful, won't it!

Heaven forbid they create a game that actually requires the average X-box owner to force cooperation from two braincells simultaneously.

No, no. Just put in some more explosions, that'll help...

Gah, it's getting as bad as going to the movies.

Cymps 28th September 2007, 17:39 Quote
In my opinion, the first game was perfect, gameplay-wise, plot-wise, control-wise.
I think the only adjustments should've been the new graphics and physics engine and the enemies' AI.

I really like the inventory, skills and aug system. I liked the seperation between the different types of ammo, and the seperation between multitools and lock picks. yes, I also liked the water (which were completely abandoned in IW, in favor of solid ice).

what was most dissapointing to me in invisible war was the lack of realism I think. DX1 was based on true facts, the weapons were base on somewhat real models. There was a feeling that this game has a chance of really happening. all the sci-fic details were supported by detailed stories. such as the progression of science leading to the upgrading of the healing bots, or how the nano augmentations became functional.

Also, the texts in IW were very shallow, articles were a quick read, as if I was reading headlines.

The gameplay was so disspapoining to me that I didn't even bother focusing on the plot. though, as opposing to DX1, you could see that the choices you make have no effect on the rest of the game. every mission was like a blank sheet. there was no feeling of continuity to me.

Someone said before, that the weapons' mods were not rewarding. well, nothing in this game was rewarding. there was no ammo, no mods, no aug-upgrade-cans, no skill points. they were left with a very minimal rewarding system which consisted of a random-greane/ammo/techtool/biomod-can.
and that was found in every box, or room or body, it was just boring knowing what you were going to find.

my list of complaints and comparisons can go on and on... but to sum it all up. I dont think DX:IW was a bad game by itself.
it may have been enjoyable for someone who hasn't played DX1.
but it's a failure for those DX veterans. and certainly has nothing to be awarded as GOTY.
Seraphic8X 29th September 2007, 21:05 Quote

The gameplay wasn't so much the problem I had with DX2. It was the shallow storyline and short single-player that was an utter disappointment.

DX1 was full of twists and turns in the plot. You started the game with the impression that UNATCO was a good organization, but gradually, you find that this is untrue, culminating in a visceral realization that it's just a puppet group owned by Bob Page. DX1 made you feel like you were navigating a vast conspiracy.

In DX2, there's no buildup, just the immediate notification that Tarsus happens to be an arm of the sleeping JC Denton. BIG DEAL. :( Everything's revealed FAR TOO QUICKLY, there's no tense buildup to the great revelation, and to top it all off, the locales you visit are boring as hell! You don't sympathize with any of the characters in DX2. One of the greatest moments in DX1 was choosing whether or not to save Paul in the NYC apartments.

For comparison:

DX1: Liberty Island, various locations in New York, Hong Kong, Paris. Military bases, naval shipyards, Area 51 (super-cool!), a sea-side base, VersaLife Corp., assorted MJ12 facilities...

DX2: Seattle, Cairo, Germany, some lame Antarctic base and...a poorly recreated Liberty Island.

The cities in DX2 were utterly boring and without imagination. Where New York constantly changes in DX1 (after the riots etc.), Cairo hardly does so.

The factionalism in DX2 was a good feature, although it hardly was fleshed out. Each faction had its own unique positions with decidedly different visions for the world. It would have been super-awesome to side more closely with the Omar, and become more like them with the addition of more and more black-market biomods.

In any case...the "finale" of DX2 was incredibly stupid. Should you oppose JC, a supposedly-super powerful walking universal construct, JC is little more than another idiotic AI-controlled character that runs at you moronically with horrible aim. It's amusing to find that you can easily kill a supposed super-human god by sitting back and shooting at him with a sniper rifle, while he charges you mindlessly. LAME! He doesn't even use biomods!

It's equally disappointing to see that you can oppose him so easily to begin with. After all JC goes through the first game, to have him merely discarded if you choose to oppose him is sheer stupidity.
Bungle 30th September 2007, 02:16 Quote
Looking forward to this one. As said previously, hope they manage to re-kindle the flame of the 1st title. Never played the the 2nd one, glad I didn't by the sounds of it Including a co-op option for the 3rd installment would be awesome. If they manage to keep the gameplay of the first with the graphics of current titles like Crysis, I can see a few sick days at work coming when this gets released.
illegal 6th November 2007, 00:11 Quote
It was one of the best games I ever played. Even if I was a dumbass regarding the english language that time, therefore partly I wasn't aware of the hidden political messages and conspiracy theories of it. It didn't have the best graphics - I remember how did I hate the DirectX that time because it was slow and graisy -, but the gameplay and the atmosphere were well caught. I would welcome a near future story the best!!! How the 'new world order' from the USA spreads over the world, infecting people's everyday: school, healthcare, media, wars, artificial political blocks to keep away the attention, underground movements, resistance groups, etc.........

I'm sitting on needles!!! I'm glad to hear this news!
Hells_Bliss 6th November 2007, 15:15 Quote
Ya know, i'm loving all the retro favorites getting big sequels

SystemShock - BioShock
Fallout - Fallout3
Farcry - Crysis
Dues Ex - Dues Ex 3
HL2 - Ep2

All we need now is a 3d Commander Keen remake :D ...and Duke Nukem Forever :p
DXR_13KE 26th November 2007, 22:35 Quote

interesting.... lets see if they don't screw this one up.
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