Microsoft withdraws, re-releases 10 Patch Tuesday updates

Microsoft withdraws, re-releases 10 Patch Tuesday updates

Microsoft has been forced to withdraw and re-issue a whopping ten updates from its last Patch Tuesday cycle, the latest in an embarrassing string of gaffes for the company's testing division.

Microsoft has withdrawn and re-issued eight security patches from its most recent Patch Tuesday release in order to address problems with installation and operation.

The latest in Microsoft's regular monthly patch cycle releases was a particularly poor one: of the patches released, reports almost immediately came in regarding problems with at least five ranging from the disappearance of the folder pane in Outlook 2013 to other patches repeatedly installing over and over again, without ever actually solving the security flaw they were written to resolve.

It marked the latest in an embarrassing run for the company, which has been failing in its quality control of late: out of the Patch Tuesday update releases from the past six months, only one - May - went without a hitch, with patches being withdrawn and re-issued in August, July, June, and April as well as September.

Now, at least, the company claims that it has resolved the issues with its latest round of security patches. In a revision to its original release bulletin, Microsoft has withdrawn and re-issued eight security and two non-security updates to resolve customer-reported issues - the company's worst achievement yet. 'We have investigated the issue, established the cause, and we have released new updates that will cease the unnecessary re-targeting of the updates or the correct offering of these updates,' a spokesperson claimed of the updates.

For those having trouble with previously-installed updates, re-running Windows Update should download the new versions and resolve the issues; for those who used Windows Updates' ability to hide updates in order to prevent the botched patches from being continuously offered, you'll likely need to manually un-hide the update and install again in order to fully resolve the issue.


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Flibblebot 16th September 2013, 13:24 Quote
Is this just a side-effect on Microsoft's insistence on releasing patches on a particular day of the month? Is it just that patches written later in the monthly cycle have less time to be tested properly before release, and so are more likely to contain bugs?

Inquiring minds need to know!
Dave Lister 16th September 2013, 14:36 Quote
All those NSA/GCHQ backdoors causing problems perhaps ?
SchizoFrog 16th September 2013, 16:33 Quote
Hmm... Not sure they have done it properly though. I was getting the three updates that continuously tried to install until sometime Saturday I think when after another check of WU the three updates disappeared and WU reported that there were no update to install. So I agree that they were withdrawn but after checking WU once again today after reading this article my WU has not found any further updates to download and install. So at least at my end I have not had the 'fix' yet. Are they 're-issued' to WU but haven't been released to the public yet?
Gareth Halfacree 16th September 2013, 16:46 Quote
Originally Posted by SchizoFrog
Are they 're-issued' to WU but haven't been released to the public yet?
They should be live on Windows Update now; if you're not being offered them, it's possible that they did actually install successfully at some point - one of the bugs was to fail the install constantly, the other was to actually install but act like it had failed the install constantly. Check your list of installed updates, see if they appear in there - if so, you're golden. Theoretically.
Gradius 16th September 2013, 20:55 Quote
Blame all those to the NSA/GCHQ backdoors !
meandmymouth 16th September 2013, 20:58 Quote
I think the QA department needs sacking.
SchizoFrog 16th September 2013, 21:44 Quote
Thanks Gareth... Do you happen to know if the reissued updates have the same KB numbers?
SchizoFrog 16th September 2013, 21:52 Quote
After checking I can confirm that the three updates in question were all installed. :)
PingCrosby 18th September 2013, 16:52 Quote
I like patches, but that's probably because I was born in the 60's
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