MS confirms Windows XP Mode RTM

MS confirms Windows XP Mode RTM

The Windows XP Mode RTM has finally been confirmed, and the Windows 7 Team predicts a simultaneous launch with the OS.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows XP Mode which will be a feature of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate has hit Release To Manufacturing status and will be available at the same time as the release of Windows 7.

According to the official Windows 7 Blog - via Maximum PC - the "final release of Windows XP mode" will be available for download from the 22nd of October, to coincide with the official launch of Windows 7.

The specialised version of Microsoft Virtual PC - designed to ensure that businesses are able to run legacy applications without issue, a concern which hindered corporate adoption of Windows Vista - was confirmed back in April this year, but the fact that no RTM version had been announced this close to the launch of Windows 7 had some concerned that it would be delayed.

Sadly for those businesses who have standardised on one of the 18 versions of Intel Core 2 Duo processors that don't support Windows XP Mode, the requirement for either Intel Virtualisation Technology or AMD Virtualisation is still present - meaning no XP Mode for processors including the E7500, the E8190, the E4700, or the T5550 - or even the quad-core Q8200 and Q8300 models.

For those unlucky enough not to have hardware virtualisation support on their processor, there are always the alternatives - although a dedicated licence for the virtualised operating system would be required.

Are you waiting for a final release of Windows XP Mode to be made available for download before taking the Windows 7 plunge, or have you yet to find anything that doesn't work anyway? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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mi1ez 5th October 2009, 10:39 Quote
I have enough licances to get XP virtualised on any machine I need at work regardless of processor. And yes, we have loads of software that causes issue!
500mph 5th October 2009, 11:00 Quote
Using the RC? now. Had to use it so I could configure my Matrix Orbital MX223 sadly.
riggs 5th October 2009, 11:41 Quote
Slighty OT here but does Win7 allow you to change to visual style to something similar to XPs 'classic' mode?
I'm not really up to date with Windows (I bought a Mac when Vista was released)...hell, even in XP I switch everything back to classic mode (that redesigned Control Panel did my head in, I hated the 'new' Start menu and those weird tab things on the left pane of Explorer windows bugged me too!)
I have used Vista a little; mainly when I have to wipe/reinstall customers PCs at work, but I just hate the new design and the way things are laid out. I am really interested in Win7, mainly just to keep up to date with PC OS's, but Vista just feels so alien to me that I don't like using it.
sear 5th October 2009, 11:44 Quote
Wasn't this supposed to be a feature included in the Windows 7 box?
tad2008 5th October 2009, 11:47 Quote
Have been using the RC version since it's last release and so far Windows 7 has taken everything I have given it and simply worked, XP Games, Drivers and a handful of software, mostly open source mind and it has simply worked, still need to check a few more commercial apps, but for me so far, it's looking like a real gem and am already planning my next PC build to put Windows 7 on it, but am waiting to see what is happening with the current AMD/ATI 58xx series cards and Nvidia's new potential cards, at the moment AMD/ATI cards have my vote, though an all-in-wonder version would be an instant, guaranteed, must have purchase for me.
l3v1ck 5th October 2009, 13:19 Quote
I'll be making sure any future CPU I buy supports this.
ffjason 5th October 2009, 16:07 Quote
Its a useful feature for those why cant get applications to work but I have to be honest I have had it installed since the beta was available and am yet to find a use for it. Then again I don't use commercial software so it all just works.
Saivert 5th October 2009, 17:02 Quote
They could always go with VMWare and Unity mode. VMWare has the option to run without any CPU virtualization technology. It will be slightly slower but it works. I don't know why MS couldn't do the same. They are just being MS as usual I guess.
Of course VMWare costs money and Virtual XP Mode is free.

Also the new Virtual PC software uses technology from Hyper-V, the older Virtual PC 2007 and 2004 used a different virtualization engine and did not even support Intel VT or AMD-V technologies.
And the way it provides support for Aero (if virtualizing Windows Vista/7) is to connect to the VM via RDP (Remote Desktop). This is really cheap way of solving it. Meanwhile VMWare's next Workstation 7 product has support for WDDM driver model and Aero without resorting to RDP. Performance via RDP will never match performance of a real console display.
wuyanxu 5th October 2009, 17:49 Quote
never used RC once since i installed my win7.

really don't see much point, especially considering i have to shutdown VMware's folding to launch XP mode.
bobwya 5th October 2009, 22:20 Quote
Its a complete waste of time - I am using Virtual Box to get Windows XP (32-bit) application support within Windows 7 RC (64-bit). I don't need a hardware accelerated (CPU) virtualisation support (currently have dual Opteron 285's - socket 940). Another Microsoft fail (* Windows XP mode). Can't see the point of forking out 80.00GBP (or whatever it is this week) for this 'feature'.

Don't get me wrong Windows 7 OS is nice in it's self. Having briefly had to endure Windows Vista (before upgrading back to Windows XP) I have found the increased compatibility with older games a godsend in Windows 7. Still waiting for a decent filesystem though...
ZERO <ibis> 5th October 2009, 22:37 Quote
Dam I was hoping that it would be a basic feature and included on the base install of those win 7 versions. Oh well...
ffjason 6th October 2009, 12:21 Quote
[quote]Dam I was hoping that it would be a basic feature and included on the base install of those win 7 versions. Oh well... [/quote

What's the difference its only a quick download & install? I'm glad its not included by default! It still takes up more space and if the majority of users won't need it then why included it. (much like IE and WMP)
Shagbag 6th October 2009, 14:02 Quote
Beware of the security implications of running XP Mode.
dyzophoria 6th October 2009, 18:48 Quote
if you can keep your old xp secured, updated and virus free, alot of people wouldnt really be concerned about xp mode, and besides xp mode is only for the oldest incompatible software your company has currently, if your company can't even protect your old xp infrastructure, then that would a real threat for them,lol, xp mode is more of a no-choice solution to those old apps imho
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