World of Goo soundtrack released

World of Goo soundtrack released

2D Boy has now released the soundtrack for World of Goo for a grand price of no pound, zero pence.

There's good new for all music-lovers and World of Goo fans today, who'll be pleased to know that indie development outfit 2D Boy has decided to release the entire soundtrack for World of Goo - and it's totally free.

The soundtrack to the game, which is mostly full of little pieces of music that fit well with the small, ever-so-twee levels, was written and composed solely by game designer Kyle Gabler. As RPS point out, he really is a sickeningly talented man.

"Thanks to everyone who wrote in asking about a soundtrack! I probably never would have put this together otherwise." said Kyle in a statement on the 2D Boy blog.

"I spent this weekend pulling together all the audio, reconstructing some of the older songs, and “remastering” them all like they do to Snow White DVDs. The final soundtrack is about 49 minutes long, and all free."

Free is a popular word of course, so it's not surprising to see that the first few mirrors have been bought down by high demand, though everything should now be working perfectly. What is a little more surprising is that some of the fans have even gone so far as to create some sheet music for the soundtrack, just in case you want to perform it for a loved one.

The full soundtrack can be downloaded from any of your favourite download servers and indie sites- a list of which is currently being hosted on the official site. So, what are you waiting for? Download the tunes and tell us what you think in the forums.


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Jamie 22nd January 2009, 12:25 Quote
Really well put together soundtrack, can't believe they are giving it away for free.
quack 22nd January 2009, 12:48 Quote
Downloaded it a couple days ago. :)
AltruiSisu 22nd January 2009, 13:22 Quote
wonderful! thanks 2D!
Redbeaver 22nd January 2009, 14:32 Quote
pendragon 22nd January 2009, 17:59 Quote
...wish all developers would do cool stuff like this.
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