Luczo replaces Watkins as Seagate CEO

Luczo replaces Watkins as Seagate CEO

Stephen Luczo takes back the role of CEO at Seagate after four years as chairman, replacing Bill Watkins.

Seagate is hoping that a new leader will see it through the global spending slowdown, with the news that current chairman Stephen Luczo will be taking over from current chief executive officer Bill Watkins – effective immediately.

According to an article on CNet, Luczo has served Seagate for fifteen years – including a six-year period as CEO, during which time he took the company public before turning it private again.

With Luczo extending his chairman post to include the duties of a CEO, it's not currently clear what position will remain to offer to Watkins – who has racked up twelve years since joining Seagate. According to the company, the two executives will meet to “confer over the next week” on what role, if any, Watkins has at the company.

Watkins has made something of a name for himself since taking over as CEO of the company including having made controversial claims that SSD-based notebook computers “wouldn't sell” shortly before the company launched its own range of solid-state storage, and having presided over attempts to tie rival companies in red tape over patents relating to storage technologies.

Interestingly, Watkins can currently be found at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, talking about storage in netbooks and his company's role in the market. Whether Luczo is preparing him for a more customer-facing role is currently unknown.

Do you think the return of Luczo signals the start of a new Seagate, or is the company just hoping to reduce the number of high-paid executives in these times of financial crisis? Share your thoughts over in the forums.

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bowman 13th January 2009, 10:30 Quote
"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn."

Now lets see if Luczo will be as honest and freely speaking. :p
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