AMD's Chief Technology Officer steps down

AMD's Chief Technology Officer steps down

AMD's Phil Hester has stepped down - it's unclear whether this is part of the 10 percent workforce reduction at the moment.

AMD's chief technology officer, Phil Hester, has stepped down according to a report that has appeared on MarketWatch this evening.

This follows just days after the company announced that it was cutting its workforce by 10 percent – and one person we didn't expect to go was Hester.

The report cites an AMD spokesperson saying that Hester has moved on to pursue "other opportunities" and he will not be replaced in the future.

What's interesting is that Hester's executive biography page on the AMD website no longer exists – instead, the page just redirects to the AMD homepage.

Other than that, details are fairly scant—we'll try and get some more information as the story develops over the weekend. For now, you can discuss this breaking news in the forums.

According to a report on CNET News, Hester's role will be split up across AMD's individual business units, with each of the units' CTOs reporting to their business unit leaders. "As of next week, the individual CTOs will report to their business unit leaders, such as Mario Rivas, head of the processor group. One exception will be the accelerated computing initiative, which will report directly to President and COO Dirk Meyer," said the report. More here.


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MrMonroe 11th April 2008, 20:19 Quote
Can we get a poll in here? Who thinks he will end up at:

1: nVidia
2: Xerox
3: Intel
4: Ben & Jerry's
Baz 11th April 2008, 23:23 Quote
As long as he doesn't go to interplay, I'm happy!

Could this be the start of a mass exodus of talent and management from AMD? they haven't had a successful chip, CPU or GPU, for quite a while. You've got to wonder how long they can take being hammered by Intel and Nvidia performance and sales wise?
MikeTitan 12th April 2008, 00:21 Quote
Hopefully is talents are used elsewhere, I'd like to see AMD and ATI step up once more to make sure Intel knows it still needs try.
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