Activision thought of buying Take-Two too

Activision thought of buying Take-Two too

Take-Two may have GTA and BioShock on-side, but that wasn't enough to interest Activision.

Activision boss Bobby Kotick has reavealed that Activision also considered making an offer to buy Take-Two, which is currently in the stage of fighting off buy-outs from EA.

In an interview with, Bobby Kotick said that Activision, which recently merged with Vivendi Universal, also entertained the purchase.

However in the end, Kotick and Co. decided that Take-Two, the company backing both BioShock and GTA IV, just wasn't successful enough to interest them.

"I think we've had - as we've said for a very long time, now - well-stated criteria for what we're interested in in an acquisition," said Kotick.

"We've said that we need a history of profitability, good management, the proprietary technology for a franchise, history of multimillion unit sellers. They would have to be non-dilutive and operating margin accretive. And, for us, Take-Two didn't fulfill those requirements. Maybe it does over the long-term for EA, but it doesn't for us."

Let nobody say that Bobby Kotick doesn't like his buzzwords!

Do you want to see the industry consolidated, or do you think it's better to have many smaller companies? Let us know in the forums.


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will. 28th February 2008, 13:15 Quote
Pfft, so did I, but I made some soup instead and forgot.
johnmustrule 29th February 2008, 05:02 Quote
lol, will I have no idea what your talking about. "They would have to be non-dilutive and operating margin accretive. " and I have no idea what that means either! anyways, take-two you show em who's boss! And to answer the question small companies rule, always struggling for a good idea to get their profit up, take-two isn't small but it's nice to see that EA won't ruin another dev.

-"accretive" isn't listed in my spell check?!?!
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