Google wants privacy standards

Google wants privacy standards

To protect your identity while still serving you: Google is trying to become the superhero of search engines.

Privacy on the internet is one subject that loads of companies are clamoring about. started a trend among the search engine companies earlier this summer by offering anonymous searches which was quickly followed suit with Google and Microsoft announcing to the ways and lengths that they kept cookies in their databases. Well now Google is going one step further and is requesting a privacy standard on the internet.

"People look to us to show some leadership and be constructive," said Peter Fleischer, chief privacy officer at Google. "By supporting global privacy standards, there will be a debate and part of that debate will be what our motives are."

The biggest problem that Google faces when it comes to standardizing privacy is that many countries have vast differences in their privacy laws. This alone will be a huge problem for the company to overcome as they'll need to adhere to the strictest of privacy laws in order to conform to everyone's laws.

Needless to say, not everyone will be happy with whatever the final outcome is, but when can you really please everyone?

APEC recently created a framework to help nations modify and create new privacy laws which may give Google's goal a good kick in the right direction. With the evolution of the internet happening at such an extreme pace though, privacy laws could become outdated within a couple of years, which could pose an ever greater issue down the road.

Do you feel comfortable with how your personal information is handled on the internet or are you of the group that still refuses to do bank or payment transactions on the web? Discuss it with us over in the forums.


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AcidJiles 17th September 2007, 13:57 Quote
surely nations can understand the worldwide nature of the internet so in a way privacy laws should be specific to the internet rather than having it included with the previous statues or am i misunderstanding
xtroid22k 17th September 2007, 16:49 Quote
I would have to disagree,

Many nations just aren't on par with internet hungry nations such as the U.S. Some countries are still stuck in the 90's as far connecting to the internet. Dial-up is still big in Europe and other countries like India. Again, I am sure depending where you go in some nations Broadband is more popular however many just don't know the potential of the internet. And in 5 years some nations will just be getting up to par with where current technology is.

That makes for a huge challenge in privacy laws. Thats where the differences will come in; I think. Google should just work off the suggested framework and as things change it will be easier to conform rather then having to go to the ISO or other standardising orginizations.

Though this does make me happy as an Internet user, finally companies are addressing the issue
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