Energy Drink Roundup 2010

Energy Drink Roundup 2010

Back in March 2009 we were foolish enough to taste-test a bounty of energy drinks, exposing our withered bodies and battered taste buds to an assault of chemicals, caffeine and taurine. The result was a general consensus that energy shots were evil, and that we all had a headache.

Fast-forward to today and the memories of that fateful March day have faded. So much so, in fact, that we even appear to be hungry for more. As such, we lined up some of the choice energy drinks available in the UK, along with a few cheeky American imports, to check out the latest in liquid energy. Your hosts are Alex Watson, Ben Hardwidge, Harry Butler, Joe Martin and Paul Goodhead.

Mountain Dew: Code Red

Harry: So we have a big bag of horrible/delicious energy drinks, and the first can out of the bag is Mountain Dew: Code Red.

H: It’s pronounced 'Do' not 'Dew' because it’s an American brand, and the slogan in America is 'Do the Dew.'

Ben: We don't have to pronounce the name the same way as them, though. Americans say 'A-dolf Hitler' too.

H: The can’s a bit grubby, so we’re drinking from plastic cups.

*Energy Drink Roundup 2010 Mountain Dew: Code Red *Energy Drink Roundup 2010 Mountain Dew: Code Red
Click to enlarge - Code Red: It's Red
Paul: Lets Do the the Dew!

P: This is what the main character drinks in Zombie Land.

H: It is?

P: He says: 'It was just a normal Saturday night, sitting at home playing WoW and drinking my third can of Code Red.' And I never knew what Code Red was.

Joe: Smells like cherry flavour washing up liquid.

P: Ohhh that smells GOOD!

B: Like Cherry Coke. Intense Cherry Coke. Not a lot of fizz.

H: It coats your teeth with sugariness. Hugely high in sugar.

P: This isn’t your average energy drink with loads of caffeine and guarana, is it?

H: No, just loads of sugar. 46g/can. It’s like drinking a chocolate bar.

J: Do we have a bucket we can Spit into?

H: No. Suck it up.

B: It Does have that colour doesn’t it; dental mouth wash.

P: I like the flavour, I like the cherry.

J: Smell: Cherry. Taste: Carbonated water.

H: There’s no thickness to it really, it’s like water.

J: It’s not cloying.

P: I don’t think energy drinks should just be high in sugar. They should have loads of gaffeine, guarana, taurine and that kind of thing.

H: I still thought it was good stuff. Mmmmm.

B: I wouldn’t say it was really nice, but I don’t object to it.

<Paul Downs his cup and goes back for more>

J: Paul’s rookie mistake there. This is going to be like the Mince Pie test where you said that you’d have a whole mince pie for every pie on test. You regretted that.

H: General consensus on the Code Red then; quite good, but super sugary.

P: It tasted nice, but I’m not sure about its energy-giving properties.

J: I’m ambivalent about it. It wasn’t anything special.