BitFenix launches Fury PSUs with Alchemy cables

Written by Edward Chester

June 6, 2013 | 17:00

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BitFenix has launched a range of power supplies that will feature optional pre-fitted Alchemy cable sleeves.

Available in pleasingly simple selection of just three power ratings - 550W, 650W and 750W - buyers will be able to pick from either standard braided cables or snazzy-looking coloured, individually sleeved Alchemy cables, for a small extra fee.

Otherwise the PSUs are fairly standard affairs, with 80Plus Gold ratings and a single 12V rail. All of the cables but the main motherboard cable are modular while they're of course Haswell power state C5/C6 certified. The core electronics is made by the ever reliable FSP, who make the likes of Be Quiet! power supplies too.

Aside from the cables the design is dubbed 'aggressive', which just about sums up the cutting blade motif around the fan and matt black finish.

We don't have prices and exact release dates yet but expect them to arrive imminently and be priced fairly typically for 80Plus Gold PSUs of their respective power rating.
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