CableMod announces cheaper Basic Cable Kits

September 30, 2015 | 10:55

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Pre-sleeved power cable specialist CableMod has expanded its range once again, adding lower-cost Basic Cable Kits featuring only the most commonly-used and highly-visible cables.

While cheap compared to the time required to sleeve a full set of power supply cables yourself by hand, CableMod's PSU cable kits have come in for criticism for costing nearly as much as a spare power supply itself. This didn't stop us awarding the company's kits our premium grade rating, but for the buyer on a budget the news that the company is launching a cheaper Basic Kit range will undoubtedly be welcomed.

The CableMod Basic Cable Kits do away with the bells and whistles of its top-end kits, offering only the most commonly-used cables: a single 24-pin ATX cable, one 4+4-pin EPS cable, and two 6+2 PCI Express cables. The company explains that these are 'easily the most visible cables in a typical system build,' while other cables - such as SATA power cables for storage devices - can be more easily hidden from view.

By dropping the extra cables from the kits, the price is lowered. For those who don't mind having unsleeved cables in their system, the job is then done; for the perfectionist on a budget, the remaining cables can be sleeved by hand to match. Initially, the company has confirmed compatibility with Corsair C-Series AXi, HXi, RM, RMi, and RMx, EVGA E-Series, and Seasonic SE-Series power supplies, with more likely to follow if sales prove strong.

The new Basic Cable Kits are due to appear at retail starting next week, with UK pricing yet to be confirmed.
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