AlphaCool launches AlphaCord, Eiskamm cable management ranges

July 7, 2017 | 11:39

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Cooling specialist AlphaCool has announced the launch of a paracord-based cable sleeving and aluminium Eiskamm cable comb pairing, designed to improve power supply cable management and aesthetic appeal.

Available independently though clearly designed for use together, the AlphaCord and Eiskamm (Ice Comb) cable management tools are designed for use with power supply cabling. The AlphaCord sleeving itself is little more than a length of paracord - 550 Type 3, to be precise - available in White, Canary Yellow, Neon Orange, Imperial Red, Neon Green, Electric Blue, Colonial Blue, Acid Purple, Gold, Silver Grey, Charcoal Grey, and Black in order to coordinate with any possible colour scheme chosen for a build. Each sleeve must be threaded onto a cable, removed from its connector, individually, with the company providing a range of how-to videos demonstrating the process for those who haven't yet tried cable sleeving for themselves.

The Eiskamm, meanwhile, is designed to be fitted to cable runs following their sleeving in order to space the cables out evenly and keep them from twisting or bunching together. Although it can make managing the cables easier, the primary purpose is aesthetic: 'With the Eiskamm cable combs, you can keep every cable exactly in its place and perfect the look of your system,' AlphaCool explains. Internal and external plastic spacing clips, into which the sleeved cables slot, are available in black and transparent finishes and in a variety of sizes, while those looking for a shinier finish can find aluminium versions in colours designed to match the AlphaCord range.

The AlphaCord and Eiskamm families are available on the official AlphaCool shop now, priced at €2.95 to €3.65 for 3.3m of AlphaCord depending on colour (around £2.61 to £3.23 including VAT) and with the Eiskamm pricing starting at €3.95 for the plastic and €4.95 for the aluminium variants (around £3.49 and £4.38 respectively, including VAT).

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