Swiftech announces Apogee Drive II

Written by Antony Leather

June 1, 2012 | 08:56

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Swiftech has announced the Apogee Drive II - the successor to its popular Apogee Drive combined pump and waterblock.

The Apogee Drive II combines a powerful 18W MCP35X pump with a waterblock very similar-looking to it's Apogee HD standalone waterblock. Performance, according to Swiftech, is actually better than using its Apogee HD waterblock and separate pump on LGA1155 and LGA2011.

The Apogee Drive II has the usual G1/4in threads, with the inlet and outlet located on external, tilted side sections either side of the main waterblock and pump assembly. There's apparently enough room for all popular makes of compression fitting to.

Swiftech announces Apogee Drive II *Swiftech announces Apogee Drive II

Three versions will be available - one for all major Intel CPU sockets from LGA775 to LGA2011, another focusing on LGA2011 alone and the third for all major AMD sockets from Socket 754 all the way up to Socket AM3 and FM1. The kit also comes with an illuminated logo, along with red, blue and green light plates.

Power is provided by a 4-pin molex connector with a 3-pin fan connector dealing with PWM and providing power to the LED in the illuminated logo.

Swiftech announces Apogee Drive II *Swiftech announces Apogee Drive II Swiftech announces Apogee Drive II *Swiftech announces Apogee Drive II

In addition to the Apogee Drive II, Swiftech also announced new radiator and fan models. The MCRx40-QP radiator is built for use with 140mm fans and has 12 fins per inch meaning it should be well-suited to low rpm fans. All models in the series appear to be half-height or 30mm deep and use a two-pass, single row configuration with all-brass construction.

A new fan is in the works too - the Helix 120, which sports a Z-Axis bearing, although is it just us or does this look suspiciously like a Scythe Gentle Typhoon?

Are you interested in the Apogee Drive II? Let us know in the comments.
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