Swiftech launches H220-X water-cooling kit

July 22, 2014 | 10:19

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Swiftech has announced the launch of a new all-in-one water-cooling kit, the H220-X, which boasts a dual-120mm copper radiator and what the company describes as an 'enthusiast-grade pump' that does not suffer from the alleged patent infringement problems of its predecessor.

Designed to sit at the top of the company's H2X series, the H220-X kit differs from most all-in-one cooling systems by integrating the pump into the radiator, rather than the top of the waterblock or as a separate unit. It's a technique patented by Swiftech and first seen on the MCR-X20 Drive radiator family, but whether it's preferable to the on-block pumps of sealed-loop systems or a dedicated pump will largely be a question of personal preference. For Swiftech, however, it's a matter of necessity borne of a patent infringement claim on the original design of the H220 kit.

The 6W 1,200-3,000rpm pump is joined in the pack by a pair of 120mm high static pressure Helix fans, all of which can be controlled via pulse-width modulation (PWM) through a bundled splitter. The Swiftech Apogee XL micro-pin array waterblock rounds out the kit, with 3/8" external diameter swivel elbows fitted as standard and mounts for the Intel LGA 1150, 1155, 1156, 2011 and AMD AMD2, AM3, FM1, FM2 and 939 sockets bundled as standard. Those on Intel 775 and 1366 sockets can order an optional backplate, Swiftech has confirmed.

The kit comes with black PVC tubing, while the radiator itself includes an integrated reservoir re-filled with non-toxic propylene glycol coolant. This reservoir is windowed and, impressively, back-lit, which Swiftech claims will make for easy at-a-glance monitoring of coolant levels. As a kit rather than sealed-loop system, the H220-X is also expandable: additional waterblocks can be added to the loop, with Swiftech promising plenty of cooling and pressure headroom.

The kit has launched in the US with a manufacturer's recommended retail price of $139.95, with UK pricing and availability yet to be confirmed.
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