EK launches Supremacy Clean CSQ Gold waterblock

September 19, 2013 | 09:50

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Water-cooling giant EK has announced a new addition to its line of waterblocks, designed to offer a little bling over its standard models: the EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ Gold.

Based around the company's existing EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ design, the new waterblock differs in just one very important way: the cover block has been plated with gold, giving it a rather shinier finish than the standard models. The gold-plated block - which uses genuine, actual gold, EK assures - is coupled with a black mounting bracket and gold-plated PreciseMount mechanism for a two-tone finish.

The idea, EK explains, is to help the block fit in with the increasing number of black-and-gold motherboards on the market from the like of Asus, ASRock and ECS, giving the option of continuing the theme on into the rest of the build. As with the existing EK-Supremacy family, the waterblock supports all current Intel and AMD socket mountings using the included mounting system.

As EK's flagship product, the EK-Supremacy is claimed to offer a raft of improvements over its predecessor the EK-Supreme HF: a change of design results in 20 per cent higher flow rates, while like-for-like testing performed internally at EK claims a 2°C lower CPU temperature on average. The block also uses varying jet plates depending on your CPU, each machined to fit precisely against the integrated heatspreader (IHS) for maximum contact.

The new block is provided with Intel LGA 775, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, and 2011 mounts and jet plates - although narrow server-type LGA 2011 mounting requires an extra mounting plate, not supplied as standard - along with AMD 939, 754, 940, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM2 and FM2+ parts. Each block includes the gold-plated block and mounting system, backplate, and 1.6g of Gelid GC-Extreme thermal interface material. As with the non-gold variant, replacement tops in a variety of colours are available as optional extras.

The EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ Gold is available now from EK's own webshop, priced at €89.95 including VAT. UK pricing has yet to be confirmed.
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