Scythe warns of Skylake CPU damage risk

December 4, 2015 | 11:25

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Cooling specialist Scythe has confirmed that some of its heatsinks can cause damage to Intel Skylake processors if exposed to strong shocks, and is offering owners free replacement screws to resolve the problem.

The latest generation of the Core processor series, Intel's Skylake brings with it a reduction in the thickness of the processor. While still theoretically rated for withstanding the same force from cooler mounts, some users have found that over-tight mounting systems can cause damage ranging from cracked CPUs to bent motherboard pins. Scythe is the first manufacturer to confirm the problem, admitting that selected models of heatsinks from its range do run the risk of damaging Skylake chips - but only 'where the PC is exposed to strong shocks, e.g. during shipping or relocation.'

The issue, Scythe has explained, affects those heatsinks which use the company's Hyper-Precision Mounting System (HPMS): the Ashura, Mugen 4, Mugen 4 PCGH-Edition, Fuma, Ninja 4, Grand Kama Cross 3, Mugen Max, and Kotetsu. Other coolers in the company's range are not affected, Scythe has claimed, due to the use of a different and less forceful mounting system.

For those HPMS users who have a Skylake chip or are considering to upgrade in the future, Scythe has a solution: it's offering a set of replacement screws, redesigned to reduce the mounting pressure, to any and all owners of affected heatsinks - free of charge. Those who want to take advantage of the offer will find information on the company's support page - and in the meantime should take care not to subject their systems to sudden shocks.
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