Scythe launches twin-tower Fuma cooler

November 17, 2015 | 12:06

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Japanese cooling specialist Scythe has announced the launch of a new tower-type CPU cooler, the Fuma, packing a pair of the company's 120mm PWM-controlled Slip Stream fans.

Based on a twin-tower design, the Scythe Fuma features six 6mm copper heatpipes soldered directly to a solid copper baseplate before the whole lot is nickel plated to prevent corrosion. The heatpipes then split off to connect to two individual towers of aluminium fins, which are then cooled by the bundled pair of 120mm Slip Stream fans - one on the front and one in the centre. The company has also confirmed it will be bundling an additional wire fan clip, allowing a third fan to be added at the rear if desired.

In short, the Fuma's a beast - but one which Scythe claims should be compatible with the majority of cases on the market, thanks to surprisingly compact 137mm x 149mm x 130mm dimensions. The weight, however, tips the scales at 920g - which is why the company is recommending its use with screwed back-plates, advising AMD owners with plastic-pin backplates to purchase something else instead.

Based on the classic Mine 2 cooler design, Scythe claims to have spent 'countless hours' revising and updating the layout. The most obvious two improvements are the new baseplate design and a new shape to the fins - which, the company claims, compensates for the Fuma's smaller size compared to its spiritual predecessor.

Scythe has confirmed that the Fuma enters the sales channel this week, priced at a recommended €39 excluding taxes in a retail pack with mounting clips, wrench tool, two fans, three fan clips, a Y adapter for the fans' power, thermal grease, and manual. More information is available on the official product page.
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