Fractal Design launches high performance Venturi fans

February 27, 2015 | 00:36

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Fractal Design has today announced a new series of high performance fans, dubbed the Venturi series, with four new models due to be available in May.

The announcement follows the company's recent unveiling of the Silent Series R3 and Dynamic Series fans. The new series is split into two lines, the Venturi High Flow Series and the Venturi High Pressure PWM Series, both of which include a 140mm and 120mm model. Both series adopt a colour scheme comprising black blades and corners fitted to a gunmetal grey frame.

The Venturi High Flow Series is designed for maximum airflow and optimised for low-restriction airflow scenarios, i.e. as case fans. That said, Fractal says the fan geometry still provides a good balance between static pressure and airflow and can be used as a general purpose fan. The 120mm HF-12 has nine blades with a maximum speed of 1,400 RPM, at which point its rated for a noise output of 25.3 dB(A) and airflow of 83.4 CFM. Meanwhile, the 11-blade 140mm HF-14 spins at 1,200 RPM, producing 26.5 dB(A) and 118.2 CFM. Both fans use a 3-pin header, but are supplied with a low-speed adaptor cable, which will drop them to 1,100 and 850 RPM respectively and supposedly no more than 19 dB(A). They can also be started with as little as 4V.

On the other hand, the Venturi High Pressure PWM Series is optimised for high-restriction airflow situations where static pressure is key, particularly large heatsinks and radiators. As the name suggests, these fans offer PWM control via a 4-pin connector, with a starting speed of just 400 RPM (+/- 100 RPM), which will produce a noise level below 10 dB(A). Both the 120mm HP-12 PWM and the 140mm HP-14 PWM have seven blades. The former has a maximum speed of 1,800 RPM, a static pressure rating of 2.3 mmH2O and a maximum noise of 31.7 dB(A), while the latter spins up to 1,500 RPM with 1.94 mmH2O and 30.1 dB(A). Those looking to use them on radiators with a 5V setting will be disappointed to learn they require 6V and 7V respectively to start.

Fractal Design launches high performance Venturi fans Fractal Design launches high performance Venturi fans

All of the Venturi fans feature synthetic rubber corner segments, with Fractal keen to highlight that mounting screws only ever pass through this and make no contact with the plastic frame. Also, the 140mm models in both series come with two sets of corners; one with standard 140mm mounting holes and one with 120mm mounting holes, allowing them to be used with a variety of CPU tower coolers.

Fractal is evidently quite proud of the design of its fans, offering a great level of detail about their construction. Each of the four models uses fluid dynamic bearings, with a counter-balancing magnet in the hub, said to reduce axial tension on the bearing for extra longevity. For additional performance, distance between the blades and frame has been reduced to just 1.2mm through the use of high-grade materials, including glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic polymer – this is not just plastic, it's M&S plastic.

Additional features include thin stator struts, which are also positioned perpendicular to the blade angle, supposedly allowing air to easily pass through and reducing noise. The blades also feature notches near the motor to reduce their humming noise as they pass the struts.

Fractal Design launches high performance Venturi fans

If you're really into your fans (and let's face it, who isn't?), you can read even more about the Venturi Series and find out all the specs on the official product page.
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