Thermaltake launches Riing LED 12, 14 rad fans

February 26, 2015 | 12:23

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Thermaltake has announced the launch of a new fan family, dubbed Riing LED, designed specifically for use on liquid cooling radiators and boasting a new blade design and 'wind blocker' frame.

Due to launch in the US this week and arrive elsewhere in the coming weeks, the Riing LED family is split into two sizes: the 120mm Riing LED 12 and 140mm Riing LED 14. Both include the same design features, differing only in their relative size - and, accordingly, relative performance. The Riing LED family is designed specifically for high-static pressure and features a new blade format the company has dubbed Concentric Compression Blades. These, the company claims, are engineered in such a way 'to focus the inner weaker circle of air outwards, allowing the outer section to pressurise and compress the air.'

The new blades are joined by what Thermaltake calls the Wind Blocker Frame, which directs airflow towards the middle of the blade to create a compression effect and maximise static pressure. The new design has the added benefit of reduced vibration and noise, even at high speeds, further improved by the company's hydraulic bearings with improved-quality lubricant, leakage-blocking seal cap and a low-noise cable claimed to drop the overall sound levels by up to 24 per cent. If that weren't enough, the fans also include vibration-damping rubber mounting pads, colour-coded to match the four choices of LED colour: red, blue, green and white.

All these design tweaks result in what Thermaltake claims is its best radiator-specific fan yet, boasting a drop in delta-T of almost 2°C on its RL360 radiator compared to a standard case fan. How it compares to rival high static pressure fans which are also designed for radiator use is something the company has not shared.

More details are available on the official website. UK pricing has yet to be confirmed.
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