Alphacool launches Aurora reservoir LED rings

May 26, 2016 | 10:35

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Alphacool has announced the launch of an aesthetic add-on for liquid-cooling loops: an LED ring which fits around tube-shaped reservoirs.

To launch in 50mm and 60mm diameter flavours and in red, blue, green, white, and ultra-violet LED versions - the latter of which, Alphacool points out, pairs perfectly with UV-reactive coolant additives, causing the liquid to visibly glow - the ring-shaped Aurora device has either 18 LEDs or 24 LEDs depending on size. The sheer number of LEDs, Alphacool claims, makes the illumination considerably stronger than traditional methods of lighting a reservoir - and you can install multiple rings to increase the brightness further.

Where Alphacool really hopes to push back against homebrew lighting solutions is in ease of installation: the company claims that the rings can be installed without a single tool, simply by pushing them onto the reservoir where they will hold themselves in place with the friction provided by two rubber rings. The LEDs are powered by a three-pin fan-style Molex connector, though have no intelligence in the form of dimming, animations, or programmable patterns, and are not compatible with the RGB LED header found on newer and higher-end motherboards.

UK pricing and availability for the Aurora rings has yet to be confirmed, with the 60mm variants already available from the company's official webshop priced at €14.95 to €15.95 depending on colour.
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