Alphacool launches Eisblock XPX water block

November 21, 2016 | 11:16

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Liquid-cooling specialist Alphacool has announced the latest entry in its ongoing Eis (Ice) family: the Eisblock XPX, designed to replace the older Nexxxos XP3.

According to Alphacool, the new Eisblock XPX is an entirely overhauled design which builds on its predecessors with the promise of considerably improved performance. The changes begin with the 'ramp', a patented design which is claimed to reduce turbulence in the water flow as it passes over the cooling fins. Coupled with doubled distribution channels, the result is reduced resistance - so much so, the company has said, that pump pressure is now of little concern. Using the Eisblock XPX, claimed Alphacool in its announcement, it's possible to crank the power of the system pump way down without losing cooling performance.

The size of the coldplate has also been tweaked, now offering a water flow footprint of 34mm x 32mm. This, the company has further claimed, makes it ready for the larger die sizes of upcoming ten-core and higher parts from AMD and Intel - complete with new mounting brackets which include support for all current Intel and AMD socket types plus AMD's new unified AM4 platform, even boasting simplified installation.

The upper surface of the water block, meanwhile, features an aluminium body available in a range of colours, which can be further matched to the mounting kit for coordinating with a custom build. Even the illuminated Alphacool logo can be filtered through alternative inserts, a seemingly more complicated way of achieving custom colour output than simply using software-controlled RGB LEDs in the first place.

More information on the Eisblock XPX is available from [eurl=]Alphacool's webshop[/eur], where the device is being sold for €69.95 including VAT (around £60.25).
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