Cryorig teases Hive Fin H7 heatsink, QF120 fans

December 17, 2014 | 12:05

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Cooling start-up Cryorig has announced the impending launch of its second Hive Fin heatsink: the more compact Cryorig H7 with new QF120 fan.

The Taiwanese company announced its first Hive Fin design back in June. At the time, the company confirmed plans to release two models: the 160mm-tall H5 and the 145mm-tall H7. While the H5 launched as expected, the H7 hit a last-minute delay - but Cryorig says everything is now on-track for launch, and that the heatsink is to come with a new fan variant.

As promised, the H7 includes features designed to make it suitable for more compact cases or awkward motherboard layouts. As well as the reduced height compared to the H5, the H7 includes an asymmetric heatpipe layout designed to avoid fouling RAM sockets. As with its larger stablemate, the H7 includes Cryorig's Hive Fin design: inspired by beehives, the cellular structure is claimed to reduce turbulence and smooth airflow for reduced noise levels without sacrificing cooling performance.

While Cryorig's original intention was to release the H7 with its SF120 120mm PWM-controlled fan, the delay has seen a substitution being made. Instead of the SF120, the H7 will now launch as the first outing for the company's latest QF120 fan. Keeping the 120mm dimensions of its predecessor, the QF120 features a 'Quad Air Inlet' design which adds four intake holes on the four corners of the fan frame. The result, Cryorig claims, is an increase in the total air output of the fan. A 'Balanced' variant is to be bundled with the H7, and will be sold separately along with 'Silent' and 'Performance' versions all of which feature PWM speed control.

Pricing for the Cryorig H7 and QF120 fan family has yet to be confirmed.
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