iBuyPower announces glass based Revolt GT3 system

Written by Jennifer Allen

January 8, 2020 | 15:00

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iBuyPower has announced its follow-up to the Revolt 2 pre-built system with the unique looking Revolt GT3: a case that offers not just 1 but 5 tempered glass panels.

The Revolt GT3 small factor form case looks quite stunning. It offers external dimensions of 404 x 165 x 220mm with a rectangular shape that has 5 tempered glass panels on the front, sides, top, and bottom of the case. Each of the panels is framed by a mesh border with the option to reverse them to increase part clearance. Flip a panel and you're offered about an extra 10mm of space too if you need it to fit extra components in. It's made possible by a magnetic bracket on the corner of each panel that ensures it's easy to attach and detach the panels from the aluminium chassis frame. 

Inside the case is a central spine chassis with one side housing the motherboard and the other offering room for the graphics card via a PCI-Express riser cable. It's then suspended inside the case through rubber supports so as to dampen vibrations. 

It's a unique design and looks eye-catching and rather gorgeous. The catch? We're not too sure about the airflow. Those tempered glass panels might be surrounded by aluminium meshing for airflow but will it be enough to keep the components inside the Revolt GT3 cool enough? That's the big question. 

iBuyPower has gone some way to circumventing this by offering top, side and front panels also in a fully meshed variant. The top of the chassis can also home two 120mm fans which should go some way to cooling things down. Given the company has included a PSU that can provide up to 750W and there's room for GPUs up to 339mm long, it seems likely that the firm wants you to pack it full of high-end and potentially hot components. We reckon it's probably wise to plan for a fully meshed side or two, even if it does take the edge off this distinctive looking design. 

For now, we'll have to wait and see if this is a reliable option for all. iBuyPower hasn't released any information yet on a price and has only suggested a vague release date of the second quarter of 2020. There's also no word yet on specifications for the system. 

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