Cougar announces quirky looking, Conquer 2 case

Written by Jennifer Allen

December 10, 2019 | 08:36

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Cougar has launched the Conquer 2, a full-tower case with an ATX chassis, that's bound to divide opinion substantially.

That's because, well, it looks a lot like some kind of Transformer, and very far removed from a conventional PC case. Featuring a 'chassis within chassis' design, it has an inner SECC steel chassis that holds all your components while sliding into the outer chassis that has the case's unique industrial design. Its frame can be completely disassembled for modding and general messing around with.

From the side, it almost looks like a squashed down mini-motorbike but that still only goes some way to describing it. It's certainly different looking. Its outer chassis is made from a combination of aluminium and tempered glass panels with huge ARGB LEDs dominating the rest of the front portion. Inside, the inner chassis has a horizontally-partitioned layout with the upper compartment devoted to the motherboard tray, allowing room for up to 10 expansion slots, including a graphics card up to 40cm in length.

The bottom compartment is for the PSU bay, as well as 2 3.5-inch drives. You can also add 2 2.5-inch drives behind the motherboard tray. 

In addition, cooling options include 2 120mm front intakes that can hold onto a 240mm radiator, along with 3 120mm top exhausts which can hold a 360mm radiator. That suggests that Cougar is encouraging liquid cooling which makes sense for clearly a bit of a niche case.

Unlike conventional cases, there's no panel to pull off to get inside so the inner chassis is your main route in. Luckily, it promises to easily slide out the back so it's no great hardship to get to. Having said that, if you want a neat and simple build, this might not be for you. While there's been no hands-on reports as of yet, given its design, it seems likely that tidying up cables and clutter might be a bit on the fiddly side compared to a regular case. Expect for it to take more time, and to require a defter touch along the way.

Unsurprisingly, given the quirky stylings of the case, the Conquer 2 weighs a rather hefty 18KG. 

There's no word yet on availability or pricing, but we're assuming the answer will be 'limited' and 'not cheap' given the distinct nature of the case. Still, if you want something like little else, this is the best solution at the moment. More pictures are available from the Cougar website

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