Xbox One updated with live game streaming

March 11, 2014 | 09:18

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Microsoft's chosen game-streaming partner Twitch has officially sent its updated Xbox One app live, adding the much-delayed live streaming functionality originally promised for the console's launch - and just in time for the release of Titanfall, not-coincidentally.

When Microsoft was reeling off a list of features its next-generation console would include, the ability to instantly stream live game footage over the internet was a biggie - albeit one shared by rival Sony's PS4. Come the November release of both consoles, however, and the Xbox One's game streaming functionality was missing in action, with Microsoft being forced to admit that it wouldn't be ready until some time early this year.

Last month, Microsoft finally tied itself down to a firm release date with the promise that it would have game streaming up and running by the time players picked up their copies of Xbox and Windows exclusive mech shooter Titanfall. With the game releasing today, fans will be ecstatic to hear that Microsoft has hit its self-imposed deadline with the release of an updated Twitch app for the Xbox One.

When installed, the free Twitch app becomes accessible from within any game using the Kinect voice command 'Xbox, broadcast' - or from a menu for those who have chosen not to get the all-seeing spy-eye out of its box. Games are then broadcast automatically over the internet, with viewers on other consoles or on any device supported from the Twitch website able to view and comment on the stream.

Sadly, while the app itself is free there is a cost associated: as with the majority of both consoles' online functionality, the Twitch software is only accessible to those who have a paid Xbox Live Gold membership.
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