Microsoft adds capture card support to Xbox One Twitch

July 13, 2016 | 11:51

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Microsoft has released an update for its Xbox One console which introduces the ability to link Twitch and Xbox accounts for streaming via a capture card, rather than locally on the console.

Both Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's rival PlayStation 4 consoles include integrated Twitch streaming capabilities, allowing live gameplay to be captured from the console and streamed out via the Amazon-owned video sharing service. Many streamers, however, prefer to use a PC with a capture card for the streaming process - in particular as it allows for picture-in-picture, commonly used to overlay an image of the player captured via a webcam or video camera, and for video overlays for branding purposes.

Using an external streaming device via a capture card previously meant missing out on certain features compared to streaming locally - in particular integration between the Twitch software and the console operating system itself. Following the release of a new update, though, that's no longer the case on the Xbox One. 'Previously, only Xbox One players broadcasting their gameplay via the Xbox Twitch app could take advantage of the several different ways to amplify their content and channel on Xbox Live to share updates and grow their audience,' explained Microsoft's Larry Hyrb in the announcement. 'Now, any Twitch user who has linked their Xbox Live and Twitch accounts together and is broadcasting an Xbox One game using a capture card will automatically have their content amplified.'

With a linked account, Hryb explains, users will find that their streams are posted automatically to the Xbox Live activity feed across the Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile applications, followers receive automatic notifications that the stream is live, and the stream is linked to the Xbox Store for loading game details. 'To make sure your Twitch broadcasts are amplified across Xbox Live, all you need to do is link your Xbox Live and Twitch accounts within the Twitch app,' explained Hryb. 'From there, use your favorite capture card and broadcasting software on PC, broadcast to Twitch like you normally do, and ensure you’re correctly identifying the game you’re playing. And that’s it! This new feature is starting to roll out today and I look forward to seeing all of your Twitch broadcasts on Xbox Live!'
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