Sony not cutting PS3 price in Europe

Written by Joe Martin

July 13, 2007 | 10:39

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It was very nice of Sony to drop the price of the PS3 in America. Well, it was nice for Americans anyway, though European gamers have been left still waiting for an announcement of what price cut they can expect as Sony has previously refused to comment.

Well, now the silence has been lifted, though the news isn't good. Not good at all.

The BBC broke to story earlier, barely managing to keep the usual stiff upper lip or hide the tears as they told the world that they will be no price cut for Europe on the PlayStation 3. At all.

Instead, Sony is packaging up a 'Starter Bundle';

"In Europe gamers will get a "starter pack" at an unchanged price of £425 for the 60GB machine, with two games and two controllers included."

So, fair enough... kind of. We get a little bit more bang for our buck, though the amount of buck is utterly unchanged. After all, hardcore gamers will still be able to pick up the 80GB version of the PS3 to fulfill their fanboy needs, won't they?

Nope, they won't - Sony has also announced that they will not be releasing the improved 80GB version of the PS3 in Europe at all either.

Great, thanks Sony. So, all Europe gets is the oldest version of the PS3 which comes packaged with two games and two controllers which will, very soon, be out of date also when the force-feedback SixAxis is introduced.

Meanwhile, rumours and speculate abound in game developer circles that America and Japan will see a second price cut this year in preperation for the Christmas rush - during which everyone will be buying Wiis and nothing else.

The ironic thing is that here at bit-tech we finally got ourselves a PS3 for the office and, after some late-night console action, were fairly impressed with the stylish little device. Now, we just hate Sony.

How do you feel about the announcements and Sony's track record? Think Christmas will see better news for Europeans, or are we all doomed to be Nintendo fanboys eternally? Drop your comments below, or in the forums.
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