PSP gets SatNav, video chat

Written by Joe Martin

August 23, 2007 | 12:56

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Think Nintendo is winning the handheld wars with the DS lite? Well, yes, quite possibly - but Sony isn't giving up quite yet. Instead, Sony is fighting back more than ever and has announced two new attachments for the Sony PlayStation Portable at Leipzig GC this year.

First up is the Go!Explore system, a GPS device which plugs in at the top of the PSP and turns the portable console into a swanky SatNav. You can check out a video of the announcement here, if you want.

The Go!Explore device is more than just annoyingly named though as the GPS device protrudes out of the top of the PSP massively, which is sure to be a pain. Still, as it is the Go!Explore device is quite a clever and useful app which will doubtlessly be of use to games journalists who get lost between press trips.

Not that that ever happens to us. Honest.

Sony has also taken the chance to unveil another PSP attachment at Leipzig GC though, this time going by the name of Go!Messenger, which is apparently powered by BT.

Go!Messenger is a completely wireless communication system, capable of voice, text and video chat by using some swanky VOIP technology. The system is also free to use from any wireless internet connection, using an on-screen keyboard in the most simple form though it can also be upgraded using a microphone and camera attachment.

So, while the PSP may not be the gaming platform of choice for everyone, it is slowly becoming more versatile as an all-in-one device and could soon be an invaluable addition to every urban survival kit.

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