PSP slim dated and priced for Europe

Written by Joe Martin

August 23, 2007 | 15:01

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The PSP is, let's face it, not the easiest handheld games system to use. It's a little bigger than most, a little uncomfortable to use and the left analog stick is a pain in the unmentionables.

Thank God then for the PSP Slim, which Sony has at last got around to dating and pricing for Europe in a set of new limited-time-only bundles.

The new PSP Slim, or Lite if you prefer, is exactly 33 per cent lighter and 19 per cent thinner than the original PSP. The redesign also includes a new video-out port so that you can watch PSP movies on a regular TV if you ever find yourself on a desert island with an impressive selection of UMD discs and no regular DVD player.

The new PSP, which will be available in the usual black, white and silver colour range, will be revealed in two exclusively European bundles.

The first package is a black/red themed PSP, which comes packaged with a copy of Spiderman 2 the game and Spiderman 3 the movie, the latter of which is predictably on Blu-ray. The second bundle will come with a "Simpsons Yellow" PSP and a copy of The Simpsons' PSP game.

Both bundles are only available for a limited time and will set you back €199.99, according to Sony.

The individual PSP Slim meanwhile will be hitting shelves around September 5th and will be on sale for €169.

Is the PSP still too expensive, or is it a reasonable price to pay for a more powerful device? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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