Nokia announces N-Gage. Again.

Written by Joe Martin

August 30, 2007 | 11:46

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The N-Gage is a failed gaming platform - this much everyone accepts, right? It didn't sell well, wasn't designed very well and didn't have very good games. Allegedly.

Still, Nokia are a big company with a helluva lot of money and they've insisted on pushing on with the product for the last four years. Now, Nokia is announcing the launch of the brand new N-Gage gaming platform, again.

Intended as more of a gaming service than a dedicated phone/handheld games console, the new Nokia N-Gage system will launch globally in November and will let you download the free client to your PC, according to Engadget. From there, the client can then be moved to all compatible handsets.

The service will offer free demos, with full games costing around €10 to buy, as well as online tournaments, global rankings and other events for the hardcore mobile gaming community.

A number of major publishers and developers have pledged to support the system, including EA, Capcom and Vivendi.

According to the official website, the system will allow players to create virtual profiles and gain achievements and points in a way that seems scarily similar to Xbox Live.

Officially, the first phones to be compatible with the new N-Gage system will be Nokia models N73, N81, N93 and N95, with more S60 handsets to be added at a later date.

Ever try the N-Gage, or do you prefer your nice PSP or DS? Is gaming-on-the-go really the future of the industry, or is it just a load of nonsense? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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