N-Gage goes live...again

Written by Joe Martin

April 4, 2008 | 12:55

Tags: #cell #n-gage #phone

Companies: #nokia

Nokia is apparently saving the full announcement until the start of next week, but the N-Gage has now definitely been relaunched according to the official N-Gage blog.

Nokia has rebooted the failed gaming/phone platform as a new and re-imagined gaming service available over a selection of handsets.To take advantage of the system right now you'll be needing an N81, or N95 handset according to Engadget - but support for other phone is coming soon.

The new N-Gage application, which can be downloaded here if you've got the right phone, marks a reboot of the original Nokia N-Gage brand, which famously failed to make a decent impact on the market.

There's a selection of games already available on the N-Gage platform, a number of which have links to established publishers like EA and Ubisoft. Most games can be accessed with a free trial first too, which is nice.

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