Raven working on Wolfenstein sequel

Written by Joe Martin

May 15, 2007 | 12:06

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Raven Software is confirmed as the developer for the new Wolfenstein game, which gamers can expect to hit the shelves in 2008, according to a report on WISC-TV.

The Wolfenstein series is often regarded as the grandfather of modern video games, pre-dating even the mighty Doom and made by the same team at id Software. Contrary to popular belief though, Wolfenstein did not start as a first person shooter but as a 2D adventure game developed by Muse Software for the Atari. id Software drew inspiration from this game and released Wolfenstein 3D, in one move changing the face of computer games forever.

The effects of Wolfenstein on popular culture can still be felt today and fans of the game can enjoy some retro fun here.

Raven, who previously created games like Heretic, Jedi Knight II and Quake 4, are now in charge of the new, un-suffixed Wolfenstein title, which will sequel Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Details have emerged that one of the games main characters will be Carrie Coon, billed as a "Sensual, strong, arrogant woman" who wears stilettos. Stereotypes are cast aside in this game about evil, voodoo using Nazi's then.

The theatre graduate who did the motion capture scenes for Carrie revealed how bizarre it was to work with Raven;

"They had me kind of bust through doors with big guns and pretend I was an assassin being that didn't have a spine and club a body of something on the ground and sniff it. You know, it was one of the most bizarre audition experiences I've ever had in my life."

If the game is half as scary as the developers sound then it'll turn out a treat then.

Want to get all melancholy about the golden age of computer gaming and how it may arise again, or are you the pessimistic type who thinks Raven are bound to ruin an excellent series? Share your thoughts in the forums.
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