New Wolfenstein game detailed

Written by Joe Martin

July 14, 2008 | 10:03

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The first details on the new Castle Wolfenstein game from id Software and Raven have started to slip out in the run-up to E3 and though there's still no information of a release date, it does seem that the game is being taken in a slightly new direction to the classic titles.

Plot-wise, the yet-to-be-officially-named Return of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein is pretty much what you'd expect; BJ Blaskowitz, Nazis, and lots of creepy shenanigans and goin's on. Definitely expect to be going up against Nazi Ubermensch and zombies of some description.

However, where it gets really interesting is in the gameplay changes. Wolfenstein is being developed not by id Software, but by best-buddy Raven and the change of hands has been evidenced in the gameplay.

According to the latest issue of US magazine Game Informer, Wolfenstein will feature a more sandbox type of level structure and the game will be set in a free-roaming city, with new areas opening up as missions are completed.

The game is also set to showcase some rather decent AI in the form of a resistance force that will accompany the player throughout the story. The major gameplay element though is set to be a new mechanic called 'The Shroud', which will give the player the ability to interact with a darker, alternate reality version of the city.

The game is currently slated for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360, but no release date has been specified. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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