Sony working on UMD porting for PlayStation Go

Written by Joe Martin

June 5, 2009 | 11:38

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Sony's new PlayStation Go looks like a massive improvement over earlier PSP models and the decision to abandon the UMD format in favour of a digital-only handheld console was a welcome move. One problem that remains however is that gamers upgrading from a PSP to a PlayStation Go won't be able to bring their UMD games across with them...or will they?

Well, we don't know - though Sony is apparently working on hard on finding a solution to the UMD problem and allowing gamers to bring their games libraries with them.

"We are looking into programs for owners who have previously purchased UMD titles and want to exchange them for digital versions," said Sony Computer Entertainment's Brian Keltner in a comment to Kotaku. "It's something we are still hammering out the details. As soon as we have solid plans in place we will make an announcement."

The current rumour is that Sony is looking to build kiosks where PSP owners can go to transfer their UMDs into a digital format, but Sony hasn't commented on the rumour.

Keltner went on to add that no matter what system is settles the company does hope to have a system in place before the PlayStation Go ships, though it can't commit to that right now.

The PlayStation Go is due to go on sale in America and Europe on October 1st, with some pricing details already announced at E3 2009.

Would you be willing to travel to a transfer kiosk to turn your UMD games into digital copies? Let us know in the forums.
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