Sony to launch PSP app store

Written by Joe Martin

July 15, 2009 | 13:03

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Sony has confirmed that it will soon be launching a new section in the PlayStation Store that will sell apps and games for the PSP, all as part of a renewed attempt to compete with Apple's own app store.

While there have been full, digital games available for the PSP (and soon, the PSP Go) for a while now, the selection has been quite slim and has struggled to really take off. By launching a newly rejuvenated app store and mobile gaming platform, Sony hopes to remedy that.

Speaking to Develop, Sony's Zeno Colaço claimed that there are already more than 50 studios signed up to create games and applications to populate the PSP app store with. Those developers have likely been wooed in by Sony's promise of a much faster release pipeline than Apple, with no concept approval, lower price points and shorter QA processes.

"It is still a professional environment, you still need a development kit and you still need to have investment and a team. But it can be a small team," said Sony's head of developer relations Zeno Colaço. "We don't see any of the restrictions on the disc-based space being in this space."

One of the initial 50 developers will apparently be Subatomic Studios too, the makers of popular iPhone game Fieldrunners. Subatomic's first game for the PSP app store will apparently be a port of the tower defence hit.

"You don't see this happening at Microsoft and you even don't see it happening at Nintendo yet," Subatomic's Ash Monif said about the Sony approval process.

Is the promise of an app store enough to get you interested in the PSP Go, or do you still think it's too expensive? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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