Wargaming reveals World of Tanks 2014 graphics

Written by Edward Chester

March 21, 2014 | 12:18

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Wargaming has released its latest World of Tanks 2014 Developer Diaries video that shows the graphical updates the team is making for the game's next big update.

The video shows how the tank models have been completely redesigned using much higher polygon counts. Where tanks typically had around 8,000 polygons in the first release of the game, and more recent additions have up to 18,000, the new update will boost this to between 50,000 and 100,000 polygons per tank.

The models have also been normal mapped - where a very high polygon model is used to create texture maps that can be applied to lower polygon count models - for improved texturing.

Surface textures have also been formed from 3D scans of real tanks while account has been taken of how different thickness metal will deform differently and different areas of the tank will get worn out at different rates after real world use.

Some effects have also been improved, such as the flames that engulf destroyed tanks. Now flames an smoke will bend around the shape of the tank.

This video follows a previous developer diary video that highlighted the physics improvements coming to World of Tanks 2014. This detailed how tanks now have full power train and suspension simulation that when combined with different terrain characteristics allow for fully dynamic tank performance variation and wheel and track animation.

Most buildings are now destructable too, with different types of structures reacting in different ways: brick buildings crumble, wooden ones splinter, etc. Vegetation will also react to the blast from weaponry and tank turrets can be blown off too.

In a week that has already provided a number of interesting insights into the game development process the two following videos provide yet another intriguing glimpse at how it's all done.

The World of Tanks 9.1 update release date is expected to be in just a few weeks time.

World of Tanks 2014 - graphics

World of Tanks 2014 - physics

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