World of Warships to have second Beta Weekend

January 20, 2015 | 12:05

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Wargaming has today announced the second Beta Weekend for World of Warships, its upcoming free-to-play historic naval online combat game.

Opening this Friday, January 23, and closing on Sunday, January 25, the event has been coined Wings Over the Water. It follows the Rock, Paper, Scissors Beta Weekend, which took place in early December last year, when just under 100,000 battles were fought in 48 hours. The events are designed to act as a stepping stone between the alpha and beta phases of the game's development.

'World of Warships’ first Beta weekend was a great success,' said Daniil Volkov, World of Warships Development Director. 'There was an undeniable demand for the fourth class of warships—the aircraft carriers. The unique RTS style of gameplay that they have, together with the extension of tech trees up to Tier 10 and introduction of Divisions will offer a wealth of great content for players and open up a new dimension to their gameplay.'

As Volkov hints, the main new addition to this Beta Weekend is the aircraft carrier class, hence the name Wings Over the Water. As we said in our preview of World of Warships from Gamescom, these ships are poor at close range and lack main calibre guns, but they can launch devastating airstrikes, and, through their navigation map, offer an RTS-like overview of the battlefield. They can launch three different types of warplane squadrons – fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. Besides aircraft carriers, players can also again use the destroyer, cruiser and battleship classes.

Wings Over the Water will also see ten tiers available for levelling up, as well as the ability to unlock some of the iconic military vessels from the fleets of both Japan and America. For any naval fanatics, these include the Pensacola cruiser and the Fletcher destroyer (USA), as well as the Nagato and Yamato battleships and Shimakaza destroyer (Japan).

Players will have crews represented by warship commanders, and there will be an extended range of equipment and consumables. Finally, Divisions is being added for the first time. This is a game mode in which you and two others can pit yourself against other commanders. More details about World of Warships can be found in our preview, and on the official website.

Wings Over the Water beta code giveaway!

If you're interested in joining the fun this weekend, we have 100 keys to give away that will guarantee you full access to the Wings Over the Water Beta Weekend. To be in with a chance of grabbing one, you'll need to head over to our Twitter account, where you'll find a relevant tweet. All you have to do is retweet it and be sure that you're following us too, as codes will be handed out tomorrow via Direct Message. Please only enter if you're serious about testing the game out for part of this upcoming weekend.

If you manage to get a code, head here for instructions on how to activate it and download the game. Please note that you'll need a ID in order to activate a code and play World of Warships.
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