Ubi: DRM not behind Splinter Cell PC delay

Written by Joe Martin

April 5, 2010 | 08:33

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Ubisoft has tried to assure PC gamers that it has not delayed the PC version of upcoming stealth-em-up Splinter Cell: Conviction because of it's new form of always-online DRM.

Splinter Cell: Conviction will be released on the PC on April 30th - two weeks behind the Xbox 360 version.

"The reason that has been given for the delay is that the extra time was need to polish and debug the game," a Ubisoft spokesperson told Eurogamer. "The slip has not been linked to the DRM."

Ubisoft's controversial new anti-piracy plan involves PC players always having to be online when using their games, even in singleplayer. It's not a system without weaknesses.

Ubisoft is well-aware that the system is unpopular, having factored into consumer and critical response to games like Settlers 7 and Silent Hunter 5, but says it feels "justified" in using it anyway.

Ubisoft is using the new DRM in all PC games, so while Splinter Cell: Conviction might not have been delayed because of it, the game will still feature the controversial DRM.

Check out our latest Splinter Cell: Conviction hands-on preview to find out more about the game, then let us know your thoughts in he forums.
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