EA gives SimCity 2000 Special Edition away for free

December 10, 2014 | 12:03

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Electronic Arts has announced the latest game to hit its On The House promotion, and once again it's a much-loved classic: SimCity 2000 Special Edition.

Electronics Arts launched its On The House promotion in March this year with free copies of Dead Space for anyone with an account on the company's Origin digital distribution platform - or, indeed, anyone willing to make such an account. After a lull, the company reimagined the promotion with a focus on classic games and in August gave away the unbeatable combination of scenery-chewing over-acting and space-shooter action that is Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.

The company's latest giveaway is, again, a classic title and one that strategy fans of a certain age will doubtless remember fondly: SimCity 2000 Special Edition. A direct sequel to Will Wright's 1989 original, 1994's SimCity 2000 swapped out the overhead view for a dimetric layout which would be the franchise's iconic visual style right up to the modern age. The addition of new facilities, ground elevations, underground layers and far more financial controls made the game a smash-hit on release and even saw new ports of the title being released as recently as 2008 when the game hit the PlayStation Network.

Usually available for £4.99 on Origin, EA is giving the game away for a limited time under the On The House label. As always, those wishing to take advantage of the company's largesse will require an Origin account, but the game itself is not time-limited: once acquired and registered to an Origin account, the title will remain in that account for its lifetime. The Special Edition version, also known as the CD Collection, packs the game plus all expansions, improved music and more.

Those looking to burn a few hours in a strategy-themed nostalgic haze can pick the title up for free on the Origin Store.
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