EA gives Wing Commander III away

EA gives Wing Commander III away

EA is offering classic overact-'em-up Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger up as a free download for all Origin users.

Electronic Arts has announced the latest entry in its On The House promotion, offering anyone with an Origin account - or the desire to create one - a free copy of Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger to keep.

Released in 1994 for DOS and Mac OS before being ported to the ill-fated 3DO in 1995 and the far more successful Sony PlayStation in 1996, Wing Commander III is a classic game from the days when live-action actors were easier than motion capture. Designed by Chris Roberts, the gameplay itself revolves largely around first-person space combat, using true 3D graphics for the first time in the franchise, but its success came down to long live-action cutscenes during which players would occasionally be asked to make a binary choice.

These scenes include some household names doing their very best to chew the computer-generated scenery: the lead character, Christopher Blair, is played by Mark Hamill, and is joined by Malcolm McDowell, John Ryhs-Davies, Tim Curry, Jason Bernard and more. Shockingly, nobody won an Oscar for their performances in the series.

Normally sold via Origin for £3.99, the title is being made available for free download as part of EA's On The House programme. The company has warned that the offer may 'disappear at any time,' but once registered to an Origin account the game will remain freely downloadable.


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Pookie 6th August 2014, 13:17 Quote
Origin can give me £3.99 and I'll give it a go. Isn't that the guy from Start Wars?
LordPyrinc 6th August 2014, 14:16 Quote
Originally Posted by Pookie
Isn't that the guy from Start Wars?

Yep... that's Luke Skywalker. Going to download now... never played it, but hey it's a free game and since I already have an Origin account, why not. Thanks for the heads up!
Podge4 6th August 2014, 15:39 Quote
It was a great game in its day, played it (and still have it on) the 3DO. bought the complete Wing Commander set on a GoG sale bundle a couple of months back. There are i think 2 endings depending on which way you act in a few scenes. The actual ship gameplay can get samey after a while but there are a few other famous people in it, the two that spring to mind are malcolm mcdowell and the guy who plays Biff from Back to the Future
SMIFFYDUDE 6th August 2014, 19:22 Quote
^^ And pornstar Ginger Lynn Allen ;).
johnnyboy700 7th August 2014, 07:17 Quote
What the hell, I'll give it a go.
XXAOSICXX 7th August 2014, 11:45 Quote
September 2nd is listed as the end date for this freebie.

Classic game btw.
Bokonist 7th August 2014, 15:51 Quote
'Chalk up another one for the Maniac!'
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