EA launches free games promotion with Dead Space

EA launches free games promotion with Dead Space

Dead Space will be available for free on Origin until May. It is ordinarily priced at £9.99 on the platform.

Electronic Arts has kicked off a free games promotion through Origin by offering up Dead Space for free.

The space horror title is free as part of the On the House promotion which will see full games and expansions sporadically become available as a free Origin download at various times.

EA warns that these deals can appear and disappear at any time and has not provided a specific schedule for the promotion. Despite this, it has confirmed that Dead Space itself will be available for free until May 8. The game is ordinarily £9.99 through EA’s digital distribution system.

These are full games and not simply trial versions or temporary access codes. Any games claimed through the On the House deal will be available to players even after the offer expires.

On the promotion’s landing page, EA offers an explanation as to why it is doing this as ’we’re gamers too. We appreciate you making Origin your gaming home.’

Dead Space, developed by Visceral Games, was first released in 2008 and its success spawned two sequels. Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 have also previously been included in the hugely successful pay-what-you-want Humble Origin Bundle.

The release of Dead Space 3 caused a certain degree of controversy over the inclusion of microtransaction elements despite the title not being a free-to-play game.


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maverik-sg1 28th March 2014, 16:12 Quote
Can't install it says my win7 has a DirectX issue :(
Instagib 28th March 2014, 16:20 Quote
Ea must be desperate to win back gamers. Have to say; giving stuff away does a good job of helping that.
Yadda 28th March 2014, 16:25 Quote
Originally Posted by maverik-sg1
Can't install it says my win7 has a DirectX issue :(

I've previously had problems installing Origin games, saying there's a DirectX error.

I solved it by running the DXSETUP exe manually from within the game folder. e.g. "origin games\<game>\game folder\_installer\directx\redist".
maverik-sg1 28th March 2014, 16:57 Quote
Re-installed DirectX runtimes and it works now :)
Hustler 28th March 2014, 18:46 Quote
I've got 6 games from Origin over the last 3yrs, all of them from their free offers....Burnout Paradise & Medal Of Honor Airborne were the best freebies so far, and they weren't even meant to be free, it was a mistake on their part.

..wish Valve were as bad at running Steam, then again maybe not.
CowBlazed 28th March 2014, 19:51 Quote
Won't work on me. Most EA games suck and are not worth even getting for free. I bought the EA humble bundle for Steam and haven't played any of them.
abezors 28th March 2014, 20:28 Quote
Originally Posted by CowBlazed
I bought the EA humble bundle for Steam and haven't played any of them.

Tell me about it... I gifted Sims 3 to a sibling and had already got Mirrors Edge, the rest were pointless. Sigh.
DriftCarl 28th March 2014, 21:08 Quote
I though this was part of their "we're sorry" campaign to try to bring back all the gamers that they have screwed over with poor releases over the last couple of years.
Most people already have dead space because that seems to be the default game that they just throw at you whenever they mess up anything.
Pieface 28th March 2014, 21:19 Quote
Most EA games suck? I feel like some people just try and jump on any bandwagon. You may not like EAs business ethics, fair enough. But the games barely suck.
jimmyjj 28th March 2014, 21:27 Quote
Did they ever patch the PC control issues?
Alecto 29th March 2014, 09:21 Quote
Free Origin game(s), sounds about as awesome as a free kick in the nuts. Thanks, but no thanks EA, phuck you very much.
hoochy 29th March 2014, 11:06 Quote
Originally Posted by jimmyjj
Did they ever patch the PC control issues?

Just downloaded now - read a quick review and noted that the PC controls were terrible - looks like one to play with my game pad?
Stanley Tweedle 29th March 2014, 11:12 Quote
Originally Posted by CowBlazed
Won't work on me. Most EA games suck and are not worth even getting for free. I bought the EA humble bundle for Steam and haven't played any of them.

EA is not a game design company so to say most of their games suck is nonsensical.

DICE are published under EA and they have a long run of successful games. Dead Space 1 was an excellent game and there are many more very good games published under EA. The problem is that EA can negatively impact game design companies under their banner and I think Battlefield 4 was a recent example.
loftie 29th March 2014, 14:37 Quote
Originally Posted by jimmyjj
Did they ever patch the PC control issues?

Too my knowledge, no. IIRC some people found VSync helped iff your PC could pump out a constant FPS as the control issues were linked to the FPS of the game.
Fizzban 29th March 2014, 15:27 Quote
I've played DeadSpace several times through on PC and never had any real issues with the controls. And yes I played with mouse and keyboard on every occasion.

Sooo, who else besides me already owned a hardcopy of the game but picked up the free digital version anyway? :D
loftie 29th March 2014, 19:04 Quote
Did you not input the retail key into Origin? That worked for the copy I got on Steam.
erratum1 30th March 2014, 03:46 Quote
Meh, picked it up years ago on disk for about 4 quid.
Dave Lister 31st March 2014, 08:34 Quote
V-Sync (on) helped my jerky game play issues a lot. Beforehand it was bad no matter if i tried gamepad or keyboard and mouse.
SMIFFYDUDE 31st March 2014, 09:54 Quote
Dead Space is unplayable. I gave up trying to fix the problem because having to watch the same long and unskippable intro for the fourth or fifth time pissed me off so much that I ended up just rage quitting and uninstalling.
How could they release a game in that state and then not bother to fix it?
impar 31st March 2014, 10:08 Quote
Originally Posted by jimmyjj
Did they ever patch the PC control issues?
The last time I tried (around the launch time of DS3), no. It was still FUBARed.
If uninstalling the game was an object I would have taken a hammer and smash it in little pieces with a crazy smile. Trying to play it is an exercise in patience and self-control.
Aterius Gmork 31st March 2014, 11:07 Quote
Try the D3D Overrider to force v-sync for this game. In many cases it works a lot better than the v-sync option provided by the games themselves. It used to be part of the Riva Tuner Suite but there are separate downloads out there. It does not require installation, just start it up before playing. Unfortunately I cannot find a copy as I am at work.

This tool has saved me a lot of headache relating to stuttering with pretty much all DX9 and Unreal Engine 3 games. Dead Space was among those iirc. Without the stuttering the controls are not great but bearable.

Seriously, D3D Overrider is great.
Paulg1971 31st March 2014, 19:20 Quote
I've got the hard copy, couldn't be arsed digging it out so I've downloaded this version. Might actually play it now.
bawjaws 31st March 2014, 19:35 Quote
I bought Dead Space in a Steam sale a while back for buttons, but only actually got round to playing it the other day. It's rubbish :D You know you're in trouble when the mouse control in the game's main menu is about as accurate as a drunk playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Once in the actual game, and past the unskippable intro cutscene, I discover that the camera controls are actually even worse than the menus. Yuck.

At least I didn't pay more than a couple of quid for it. Actually, thinking about it, I think it might have been from a Humble Bundle... Would have spewed if I'd paid even £5 for it, tbh.
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