Fallout: Online announced

Written by Joe Martin

June 21, 2010 | 11:11

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Original Fallout developer and publisher, Interplay, has finally officially announced a new MMO to be based on the series, Fallout: Online - and is now recruiting beta testers.

Interplay has long been rumoured to be working on a Fallout MMO, but has faced financial and legal troubles after selling the rights to the franchise to Bethesda, who have licensed rights to an MMO back to Interplay.

Interplay was only able to secure the rights to the MMO after proving that it would be able to pay royalties to Bethesda, achieve a minimum of $30 million USD in funding and get the project into full-scale development - all within two years.

Fallout: Online is being co-developed by Masthead Studios, though much of the work is being done internally at Interplay and original Fallout designer Chris Taylor has joined the project as a Lead System Designer.

The official Fallout: Online website is now accepting sign-ups for beta testers, but makes no mention of when the closed beta will kick off. Interplay has said that a public beta will begin in 2012 however - hinting at a long development cycle.

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