Square Enix releases Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-order DLC for free

January 9, 2017 | 10:53

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Square Enix has moved on from annoying those who did not want to pre-order Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to annoying those who actually did, making content previously exclusive to pre-order customers available to all for free.

Publisher Square Enix and developer Eidos Montreal found themselves in hot water in late 2015 when they launched Augment Your Pre-Order, a literal pyramid scheme in which buyers were asked not only to pre-order the game but to convince as many people as possible to do the same. The more people you recruited into your level of the pyramid, the more in-game goodies you unlocked - up to and including an early launch for the game itself, a promise that the companies would have failed to keep anyway even if they hadn't wisely decided to ditch Augment Your Pre-Order and make all bonuses available to all pre-order customers.

Now, though, the company is doing the rest of its customer base a favour - and in doing so has riled up those who did actually pre-order the game. The company has announced that the Desperate Measures bonus mission, Covert Agent in-game content pack, and three electronic books are now released for free to all users. Those who did not pre-order benefit, of course, but those who did are understandably unimpressed by the move.

'So you release the pre-order content for free which we paid min 60€/$ for - but you sell DLC that have contain the games true ending which was stripped out for a cashgrab? It'll be hard to fall any lower than that,' Steam user Madfish wrote in response to the company's announcement. 'I'll never purchase any full price title from Square Enix/Eidos again.' Others have similar opinions: 'fk this. never preorder square enix game again,' wrote Rookie Nogi; 'I will not pre order the next Deus Ex,' agreed azultain 1999; 'Is this the way they treat players who pre-order this game,' asked LING. 'I would never want to buy this publisher's game again.'

Others, though, have been more understanding. 'Not sure what pre-order people are complaining about, they had the pre-order bonus when they got the game at launch. All pre-order bonuses eventually become DLCs, it's just a matter of time. Whether later players pay $10, $5, or $0 for it doesn't change the fact that pre-orders had the exclusive bonus first and others get it later,' explained Tailen. 'If you think you somehow got cheated by this, then why aren't you complaining every time there's a steam sale on every DLC that used to be a pre-order bonus? That's later players getting pre-order bonuses cheaper than what you paid for them at launch too.'

The DLC is available through Steam now, with the digital books downloadable from the Square-Enix website (226MB ZIP warning).
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