is effective anti-piracy tool

Written by Joe Martin

August 10, 2010 | 10:55

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Blizzard has patted itself on the back for developing, which it claims is an effective tool in the fight against game piracy.

"For World of Warcraft we have been able to work well around the piracy issue and we think we'll be able to do the same with StarCraft II," Blizzard's Michael Ryder told MCV.

"The solution provides several things. It provides better continuity for the players and it gives them a stronger way to participate in an overall Blizzard community. But what also goes hand-in-hand with the solution is that we work really hard to offer a tailored, regional business model, so it reduces the incentives to go to a pirated solution." is Blizzard's new online platform, which StarCraft 2 players are required to register with and log in to before they can play.

Ryder also took the chance to say that Blizzard's 2007 merger with Activision hasn't changed the focus of the company or the quality of its games.

"We operate in pretty much the same way we always have. Since we have been working with Activision we continue to be who we are. We make the same decisions in the same way we always have, and the relationship with Activision hasn't changed that," he said.

"For example, we often talk about play nice and play fair, which has to do how we work with each other and our partners. Preserving that Blizzard culture is a key part of our ability to continue to deliver great games."

For more information on Blizzard's latest game, StarCraft 2, you can read Harry's StarCraft 2 review - or listen to Joe and Harry argue in our StarCraft 2 podcast.

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