New information about Halo 3 downloadable content

Written by Joe Martin

November 8, 2007 | 11:31

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Bungie, obviously quite chuffed at being recently divorced from Microsoft, has been dropping a few hints about some new downloadable content for Halo 3.

Over at the official website Bungie's Luke Smith has described some of the upcoming multiplayer maps.

The first is a map called 'OK Corral', which is described as a medium-sized asymmetrical maps which is dotted with plenty of alley ways and catwalks for players to snipe from. Luke describes the level as having a 'sunset feel', whatever that's supposed to mean.

Luke also mentions a few other maps, such as 'Purple Reign', 'Jodrell Bank' and 'Vandelay'. The latter in particular sounds especially interesting and Luke says it's pretty much the simplest map ever created and is intended to show off what the Forge game mode can do. I get the feeling it's going to be another GM_Construct, though that's a reference only seasoned Garry's Mod players will get.

There's no word yet on when the content will be available, or how much it'll cost when it is released, but hopefully it'll come along before Christmas. That'd be nice.

Have you managed any especially stunning kills in Halo 3? If you captured them in Theatre Mode then why not upload your screenshots and share the pwnage on the forums, eh?
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