Casual gamers love Halo 3 more than you

Written by Joe Martin

November 20, 2007 | 11:46

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Microsoft is a greedy company sometimes and wants to appeal to both the hardcore and the casual markets at the moment, having just launched a massive advertising campaign to attract more casual gamers to the Xbox 360.

That said, it may be a greedy company but Bill Gates must be doing something right. A new independent study has just shown that Halo 3 has more of a casual appeal than Guitar Hero 3. You have to admit that that seems a bit odd.

The study, which was performed by the BrandIntel research group according to Gamasutra, looked at the appeal of the two games across a selection of different demographics. The end report said that Halo 3 had 'over-achieved' in terms of reactions from casual gamers.

There could be a few reasons for this and the massive advertising campaign for the game is the obvious culprit, but it's also possible that casual gamers are being drawn in by the promise of the Forge game mode and the simple multiplayer set-up.

So, will this news mean that a new Halo 3 version of BeSpelled could be on the cards? I certainly hope so and, in a world where you can play a Orange Box version of Peggle it doesn't seem that unlikely.

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