Deep Silver acquires Homefront IP from Crytek

Written by David Hing

July 31, 2014 | 10:18

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Crytek has sold the Homefront intellectual property to Deep Silver’s parent company, Koch Media.

Along with the IP, staff from Crytek UK will follow the acquisition and transfer to the newly set up UK-based Deep Silver Dambuster Studios to continue working on the in development Homefront: The Revolution.

The sale follows a period of uncertainty for the financial security of Crytek, which has been reported by several outlets but mostly denied by the company itself. Staff from several part of Crytek however reported that their employer had missed wage payments.

Earlier this week, Crytek declared that it had secured capital and paid staff in its Frankfurt headquarters, Crytek UK and other studios that were behind on payroll. The company did not state where the money had come from.

Following this move, Crytek intends to set about making a few changes and is reorganising some of its studios. Development of Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age will be shifted from its Austin studio to Frankfurt with several of the Austin studio developers following the project over to Germany.

The reason for this reorganisation could also have been due to a loss of key staff in the company's US studio. Sources talking to Kotaku state that several of Crytek USA's senior staff including studio head David Adams actually left the company a week ago because they had not been paid on time.

Crytek bought the Homefront IP in the first place during the THQ asset auction in 2012 for approximately $544,000. Work on Homefront: The Revolution was started back in 2011 and Crytek bought the IP in order to carry on working on the title. It had Deep Silver lined up as its publisher for the game.
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